Cold war 2

The start of the cold war was due to many aspects that were present during this time period. Because of these aspects it is dificult to say one specific issue was responsible for the start of the Cold war. To say which one of these aspects played the major part in starting the cold war perhaps we should think of what could have prevented the cold war.

As the World War II came to an end the three big poweres led by Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin met in Yalta to compromise on a treaty. The Yalta treaty was mainly the re-establishment of the nations who were concored and destroyed by the Germens. These nations wold have elections and choose thir desired leaders creating more democratic nations. It turned Berlin and eastern half of Germany to Stalin and lastly Stalin agreed to join the war against Japan in two-three months after Germany has surendered and war in Europ was terminated.

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However this was all to change once Rosevelt and the rest of the politicians left. Rosevelt had failed to realise that Stalin wanted revenge and was going to create a buffer around its land to protect future invasions by Germany, this being the second consecutive attack by them. Americans had been atacked only once by Japan and therefor were fighting a war without feeling the war.

Roosevelt however did not do enything to stop Stolin because he felt that he would loose a powerful alie. This allowed the Russians to expend and become more powerful. They now were powerful enaugh to compete with the United States.

When the nuclear bombs were droped on Heroshima it shortend the time expected for the war and russia was The cold war was a struggle between conflicting ideas and values. In the west, the concepts of a market economy and a multi-party democracy were cherished as necessity. In the east, single party statism and a command administrative economy were highly valued. The obvious conflict of ideas and obstinate nature of those who defended them were the driving force behind cold war.The time that the Cold war began was after the WWII.

February of 1945, Germanys defeat was certain. The Russian army of 12 million soldiers were ordered to hold their position after they had completely occupied Poland. As the western allied army of 4 million men was still advancing westwards. On February 3rd, the three Big powers headed by Frandklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin met in Lavidia Palace to determine how the war should be finished. In the treaty of Yalta the re-establishment of the conquerd and destroyed nations by Germany was discussed. And The western nations felt it necessary that the newly freed nations of Erope should be restablished with a democracy and capitalist economy.

Their reosoning was that the democratic system was more civilised and less violent than the nationalistm of the preceding generations. These fealings however were not mutual with that of rusias autocratic leader Josef Stalin. He felt that it had the right and had the need of those countrys it occupied in World War II. After two consecutive wars where they were invaded by the Germans, the USSR felt it necessary to create buffer states to protect the borders of the fatherland. The communist regimes in place enabled Russia to controll the Eastern Europe, which provided protection to Russia.