classical music

At the age of thirteen, my life was greatly altered from an unexpected source, classicalmusic. During the coarse of one day in 1995, I forever changed how I view the world ofclassical music.

I found my mothers Classical Hits CD and proceeded to listen to it outof curiosity. Noticing the depth of the sound, I found the answer to a void my ears hadnoticed in other music I had listened to. The love for this style of music grows moreevery time I listen to, perform, or even try to compose a classical piece. The real value ofthis music is the freedom within the precision of the music.Listening to classical music is a great escape for me. I have the opportunity toplay the role of interpreter for the composers voice. I am in charge of how I perceive themusic, and I can change the message in the song every time.

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This is very unlikecontemporary music where the artist has lyrics or music videos to convey their message. The composer must sit back and let me take charge of how I perceive the music. I can letit take me to a world of fantasy, where I am in complete control. This control is evengreater when I use my abilities to perform a piece of music.Performance puts me in the drivers seat of what I want to convey in the composersmusic.

I am given a paper with marks on it and get to make it into music. I can shape theparts within the music to make the piece not only the composers but also a part of myself. I must admit that I am no great performer and probably will never be, but I do enjoyattempting to make music that I listen to a part of me. It gives me the control of how Ican manipulate the fantasy of the music. After putting myself into someone elses music,I have had the intentions of creating my own world of thoughts for others to perform.

Composing classical music is not an easy task for me, but I still continue to writeit. It gives me the chance to guide other people through a musical interpretation of myemotions. I know my composing skills are lacking, like my performing abilities, but Ikeep going with the hope that the masterpiece in my mind will one day come out on paperfor musicians to share with the world. In the back of my mind I have doubts that I willever compose something for the world, but that does not matter since I really do it formyself. That is why classical music such value to me.Whether it be listening to, performing, or composing, I have grown to appreciatethe power of classical music. Its value to me will never bring fortune or fame to mydoor, but instead a greater power, happiness.

The chance for me to enjoy music and let ittake me to a whole new world. This is an outlet for my emotions that I will forevercherish.