Christian Call period 3

Mr. Ellis
1. Carl Rogers says that we all have the same problems, just different symptoms. Whatever the symptoms are the problems the same, according to Rogers. We do not understand, accept and love others. This problem may squirt out in one symptom or another, but the problem remains radically the same. We do not offer ourselves understanding acceptance and love. And so Rogers suggest that instead of focusing on the symptoms, we must simply accept people wherever they are. What we have to be saying to other is in our lives is this: I accept you. I understand you. I care about you. If we can extend acceptance like this to one another, we will individually grow in self- understanding and self- acceptance.

2. Well when I was like 4 years old I found out that I had a hip disease. My parents were young when they had me so I dont know if they were handling everything ok. They got a divorce just after my second surgery. I had a pin though my leg, and I was in traction for six weeks with weights on the end of this pully system that was supposed to lengthen my leg and help the femer head to reshape. Well that worked out for a while till the hole form the pin got an infection and I had to get surgery for a third time, I had to get it drained, so I was out for another month. It was real hard though because my parents separated, and so that didnt make anything better. I was not supposed to be able to walk. I was able to walk within like a couple of weeks. I was finally ok, I think that God helped me out. Then a few years later my mom noticed me limping, I wasnt hurting or anything, it was a natural limp that I had gotten over time from my hip having the disease in it. As time went on I played baseball and football. Football made it worse, by the end of the season I had no cartlage in my socket of my hip. It was bone on bone. Two years later I went into the dr. because I was in a lot of pain, the doc took an x-ray and noticed that I had almost a two inch difference in my legs my right one was longer. So over the last summer I had major reconstructive hip surgery and now I have 5 screws and a plate to hold my hip together. God has really helped me out in my life though, I mean before surgery I took walking for granted and never thought that I wasnt going to be able to walk, for about the first 3 months post surgery I thought that I was never gonna get better because I was in constant pain all the time. One day I woke up and I was just fine my leg didnt hurt or anything, I think that God healed me because I had faith in him that I would get better, it wasnt apparent at first, but I did turn to him and asked him for help.

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3. Some of the many questions of my life right now are what am I going to do when I get out of high school. What do I want to be after I get out of collage. Some others are, are you going to get another job that pays more so you can pay for your car, gas and insurance. Are you going to wrestle or play any sports. Some of these I have the answer to, and some of them I dont have the answer to, like for example, when I get out of collage I want to install stereo stuff, or I want to create movie effects, like monsters and stuff like that, like Tom Savini, he is a really good make-up artist and I have read some of his books, it seems really interesting. Right now I have a job, but it isnt really paying to much so I have to work more hours and that is kind of interfering with some of my school work, so to answer another question what sport am I playing, well I need to sacrifice wrestling this year so I can work and do better in school. I want to wrestle but also my hip wont be totally healed up by the start of the season so that plays another role, I need to keep my mind on the important goals, school and work. Some times I get really frustrated with things going on around me and I think that I take a lot of things for granted, I mean I go to an excellent school, I have a lot of friends I have a girlfriend, I have a nice car, and I have a place to live, so I guess that when things arent going my way its ok, I just need to go with the flow. And if I lose everything I have life and God to lean on.