Cheating Online

Cheating. Its everywhere in school, and not on your boyfriend/ girlfriend. Copying schoolwork. There was probably a time when your best pal came up to you and asked, Did you do your homework? I forgot to do mine. You let him/ her copy and your day goes on.

Cheating has been around since paper was made from papyrus reeds. Its everywhere and is also online. Cheating has been made easier because of sites like and But there are also web aides. These help YOU do your homework not them do it for you. and are a couple of example of the web aides.

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If you plan on using a web site with ready-made essays and reports, there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors. Even some the sentences dont even make any sense, like this one.

Communism has good points, as well as points, for example, since Russia everything is equal, and there are no incentives to work harder, workers get lazy and make less products at low quality. (WHAT!!??!!)
So a word of advice, if you use these free reports from sites like, (which receives 10,000 hits a day). So if you are going to use these sites, cheat smart- like and be sure to check your spelling.