Chacma baboon

The chacma baboon, like all living things, has a scientific classification. It is in the family Cercopithecidae. Its scientific name is Papio ursinus, which means that Papio is its genus and ursinus is the species. The chacma baboon is in the Chordata phylum. The kingdom of it is Animal. The chacma baboon is also a Mammal for the class. The order of the chacma baboon is carnivore because it eats other animals.

The chacma baboon also has a structure to it. For instance, it has strong limbs. Also, it has canine teeth which are sharp, pointed teeth next to incisors. Its body structure is similar to humans. It has strong legs like us so it can walk on two legs and not four. The chacma baboon has small pouches inside their cheeks in their mouth also. All of these are the structure of the chacma baboon and help them in some way.

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The structure on the chacma baboon also helps them in some way. It has strong limbs which makes it able to swing from tree branches. Males way up to 90 pounds so it needs strong limbs. It also has canine teeth because they are carnivorous. The canine teeth are also used to defend themselves and their families. They can put a deep wound in a predator. The chacma baboon also has very strong legs, like us, so it is able to walk on two legs. This means it can walk on two legs and swing from branches whenever needed. It has small pouches in its cheeks so it can store excess food when needed.

There are many other facts about the chacma baboon. They are highly intelligent like humans and other primates. They are the largest of the baboons and most common. They are mostly found in southern Africa. Chacma baboons live in groups together which can be from 10-200 of them. Their faces resemble a dogs face. Their appearance is grayish brown with a green tint along the back. Their tails are short and stumpy also. They are good hunters because they have a keen sense of smell. A usual life span for a chacma baboon is 31 years.