Cattle Industry

Cattle Industry Our actual treatment of the cattle mirrors our social problems such as how we are in a very fast paced society these days, and because the cattle country has grown with it, hamburgers are now fast and convenient. Since it moves with the speed of society, it causes us not to stop and look at what damage we are doing to the life around us. The more and more people buy into this American cattle culture, the more of a problem we are going to have as a society. This also causes us to become more desensitized with our own actions.

The less that we have to think about our actions, the less that it will hurt.The more fast paced that the cattle industry moves, the less time we will have to think about it, much like society today. According to Rifkin, we are so concerned with our society being at the cutting edge that we are not looking at the problems that it is causing to the ecosystem, environment, starving people, and the health and well being of the American citizens that eat the beef.

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Getting the beef out on the market has become so important that meat is not even inspected closely anymore. We are more concerned with selling it than worrying about someone becoming sick, which to me is a significant social problem. Sociology Issues.