Butterfly Transformations

Butterfly Transformations Butterfly Transformations (A future myth told in past tense) Before the existence of Earth, there were four winged elemental gods, and one superior god. These gods and goddesses were: the sky goddess, Gemalia; the water goddess, Saraces; the earth god, Chago; the fire goddess, Argon; and the Superior Goddess, DawnDo. These five kept constant watch over the universe, adamantly flying over and throughout the wide abyss. During one of their days off, they were playing kick the can among the stars. They all came flying down towards the can and collided, creating planet earth.

Because of the great collision, their wings fell off and mystically transformed into millions of wondrous, colorful butterflies. This great planet, DawnDo reasoned to herself, was created from the sacrifice of four great gods. I shall show them the utmost respect and create a race of new beings from these incapable butterflies to care for and tend to the rich lands that this marvelous planet holds. With that, DawnDo created the first human from a few baseball cards, a sack of marbles and a dead parakeet named Petey. She formed the next human out of three bricks, a large orange and a few blades of grass from the field in which her flying horse was grazing.

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DawnDo breathed life into the bodies, thus creating the beginning of mankind. These humans reproduced and soon the human population was that of the butterflies. That is, there was exactly one butterfly for every human. The humans took wonderful care of the earth. So much so, in fact, that DawnDo decided to create more new creatures from the land itself. There became thousands of new birds, there were lions, sheep, cows, elephants, pigs, llamas, snakes and all kinds of amazing animals. The humans were so grateful to have been given such splendor to live amongst, that they decided to work extra hard to put the fertile lands to good use, and to obey the few rules that DawnDo gave them.

The golden wheat shone in the bright sunlight, the fruit trees were dew-laden and plentiful, and the blooming flowers pronounced such beauty, that it became an ultimate sin for a person were to pluck one from its natural surroundings. For thousands of years the earth progressed greatly, the crops became more abundant and the humans were proud of their accomplishments. Throughout the years, though, DawnDo had become overconfident in her creations and began to watch them less and less, as the years rolled by. One day, while her back was turned, the Evil wind being, Kathore snuck into the planet. Kathore crept into the humans whispers and spread lies and rumors throughout the land. Many people grew to hate each other, and many wars broke out.

The lies warped the humans minds so they killed, raped, maimed and destroyed almost everything that they had worked so hard for. There were some truly good people, however, that did not join in the wars, but tried to stop them. DawnDo saw that all was no longer good, and she summoned the water god, Saraces, to create a place in the sea where evil could go in, but never come out. So Saraces created a place that is now called the Bermuda Triangle, to hold the basis of corruption itself. DawnDo banished the extremely evil and careless Kathore to the Bermuda Triangle, and she was never seen or heard of again.

DawnDo summoned Saraces once more, along with Chago, Argon and Gemalia and held a brief conference with them as to how to take care of the ill-hearted humans. They decided to make the oceans boil as hot as lava. If an evil person touched the water, they would instantly melt into the water and vanish, but if a good person touched the waters, nothing would happen. (This event was later documented to have been an El Nino.) All the evil on earth was destroyed, but the water on the planet had been intoxicated by evil, and was too poisonous to drink. The whole earth began to die because the water was too toxic for even the vegetation to withstand. The remaining pure and good people were becoming sick.

The gods quickly plotted their solution. DawnDo withdrew Saraces, Argon, Chago and Gemalia from the earth to go live in the Paradise of the gods. This would also be the place that any fair and virtuous human could go when they died. The gods reunited the dying humans with their butterfly counterparts, thus providing the humans their wings with which to fly into Paradise. Once into Paradise, the humans could change their form back and forth between butterfly and person for all eternity.

*Whenever a baby is born, a butterfly is born with it, remaining in paradise until the baby grows old and dies. When the person dies, the butterfly returns to earth, to unite with their human form, flying back up Paradise with a human soul. This is also why humans often have dreams about flying and wish that they had wings of their own to fly with* Mythology.