Brave New World State Motto

In a world based on the motto Community, identity, stability, every aspect of society follows that phrase. In the Aldous Huxleys Brave New World, everyone belongs to everyone else.The people live in one community, follow their pre-destined identity and lead stable lives as a result.

The whole society in Brave New World is based on community. No one is ever alone. Solitude and loneliness are unheard of. Everything, as well as everyone, belongs to everyone else. There are constantly community gatherings, such as Orgy-Porgy and community-sings. Depending on what caste you are part of, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta or Epsilon, you attend different events. Community is the basis of life in the civilized world.
Every citizen of the Brave New World has a pre-destined life already planned for him. From the moment a person is decanted, their caste, career, thoughts and fears are picked out for them.Infants are brainwashed into what they are destined to become. Basically, your identity is chosen for you and it is your job to fulfill it, which isnt difficult because thats all you know. A person is trained to love their lifestyle and their role in the world and to think they have it better than everyone else. Betas cant imagine life as an Epsilon, while Epsilons would never dream of being Beta.
The result of a strong sense of community along with pre-destined lifestyles is stability, the third part of the Brave New Worlds motto. No one has to think for himself or make choices on their own; the government does all that. And with no one to think against the grain or make a bad decision, nothing will go wrong. Therefore, life in civilization is never unstable.

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The whole purpose of society in the After Ford days is to be faultlessly unwavering and, in Huxleys words, civilized. This is achieved through community and pre-determined identity. Combined, this makes the World States motto, community, identity, stability.