Bookreport Waller The Bridge Of Madison County

.. rom his shoulders, lying on his back, photographing the men coming off amphibious landing craft. He saw the terror ion their faces, felt it himself. Saw them cut in two by machine-gun fire saw them plead to God and their mothers for help. He got it all, survived, and never became hooked on the so called glory and romance of war photography.

(13, 14 Waller) I noticed that a lot of books and movies about war or the army have soldiers pleading for their mothers and I saw a movie, G. I. Jane, that reminded me of this whole paragraph. Robert Kincaid pulled a pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket, shook one halfway out, and offered it to her. For the second time in five minutes, she surprised herself and took the cigarette.

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What am I doing? she thought. She had smoked years ago but gave it up under the steady thump of criticism from Richard. He shook out another one, put it between his lips, and flicked a gold Zippo lighter into flame, holding it toward her while he kept his eyes on the road. (33, Waller) I was surprised to see her take the cigarette after it was so hard to quit smoking. Quiet? Could something smell quiet? She was thinking about the phrase, asking herself.

He was right. After the pork chops and steaks and roasts she cooked for the family, this was quiet cooking. No violence involved anywhere down the food chain except maybe for pulling up the vegetables. The (vegetable) stew cooked quietly and smelled quiet. It was quiet here in the kitchen.

(54, Waller) At first I was wondering what the book meant by quiet cooking (or smell) and now I understood what it meant. It means that everything was just how Francesca liked it before (she doesnt like meat that much). Dust flying, Camel lit, truck bouncing, past the white frame house facing north, past Richard Johnsons mailbox. No sign of her. What did you expect? Shes married, doing okay. Youre doing okay.

Who needs those kinds of complications? Nice evening, nice supper, nice woman. Leave it at that. God, shes lovely, though, and theres something about her. Something, I have trouble taking my eyes away from her. (74, Waller) I can really understand why he cant take his eyes off of her.

Its just like getting a new pair of shoes and you get this strong feeling that you must get them. He brought in the cooler first, lifted out a beer for her, and opened it, while she found two tall glasses that would serve as mugs. When he went back to the truck for the cameras, she took her beer and went upstairs, noted that he had cleaned the tub, and then ran a high, warm bath for herself, settling in with her glass on the floor beside her while she shaved and soaped. He had been here just a few minutes before; she was lying where the water had run down his body, and she found that intensely erotic. Almost everything about Robert Kincaid had begun to seem erotic to her. (89, Waller) I began to think that by the way they talk about each other is very intense both of them seem to like each other a lot.

Were giving up free range, getting organized, feathering our emotions. Efficiency and effectiveness and all those other pieces of intellectual artifice. And with the loss of free range, the cowboy disappears, along with the mountain lion and gray wolf. Theres not much room left for travelers, Im one of the last cowboys. My job gives me free range of a sort.

As much as you can find nowadays. Im not sad about it. Maybe a little wistful, I guess. But its got to happen; its the only way well keep from destroying ourselves. (101, Waller) I noticed that he really cares about the environment.

He wants everything to be saved. The nature and old parts of the world. He doesnt want technology be the only one that exists. `Sure is good to be home. Then looking at her, you okay, Frannie? You seem a little tired or dreamy or something.

Yes, Im just fine, Richard. Its good to have you back safe and sound. Well, Im turnin in; its been a long week at the fair, and Im bushed. You comin, Frannie? Not for a little bit, Its kind of nice out here, so I think Ill just sit awhile. She was tired, but she was afraid Richard might have sex in mind.

She just couldnt handle that tonight. (121, Warren) I cant believe that she actually thought that he might have sex in mind. Earlier in the book it said that Richard wasnt that type of a person. I understand why she didnt want to go. First of all, she didnt get over Robert yet (she never did). Second of all, she probably wont feel comfortable doing it with him the first night after Robert. January 7, 1987 Dear Carolyn and Michael, I think its time for me to get my affairs in order (as they say)After looking through the safe deposit box and finding the large manila envelope addressed to me with a 1965 postmark, Im sure youll eventually come to this letter.

If possible, please sit at the old kitchen table to read it. Youll understand that request shortly (150, Warren) I realized that she really wasnt scared to tell them that and as long as they know everything will be all right. Like I said earlier, I think that she is a very truthful person. (This is thought by the, Nighthawk Cummings, his friend.) But, man, Im haunted by that sory he told me about him and the woman. So, every Tuesday rnight I get out my horn, and I play that tune I wrote for him. I play it here, all by myself. And for some reason I always look at that picture he gave me while I play it.

Somethin about it, dont know what it is, but I cant take my eyes off that picture when play the tune. O kist stamd jere, apbit twilight, makin that ol horn weep, and I play that tune for a man named Robert Kincaid and woman he called Francesca. (170, Waller) I realized that the Nighthawk was a real friend. He will never forget Robert. Bibliography Robert James Waller wrote the book, The Bridge of Madison County Book Reports.