Bookreport Waller The Bridge Of Madison County

Bookreport Waller The Bridge Of Madison County Book Report-Part 1 I will tell you the name and the author of the book and who the main characters are in this paragraph. Robert James Waller wrote the book, The Bridge of Madison County. There are two main characters in the book. One of the main characters names is Robert Kincaid and the other is Francesca Johnson. In this paragraph I will tell you about Robert Kincaid and a little about his personality.

Robert was a photographer for National Geographic and sometimes just for himself. He photographed in the outdoors. He thought that courage and strength was a big part of human life (nature.) He didnt think that computers and robots are something big. He said, there were things we could do, were designed to do, that nobody or no machine could do. We run fast are strong and quick, aggressive and tough. We were given courage.

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We can throw spears long distances and fight in hand-to-hand combat. Eventually, computers and robots will run things. Humans will manage those machines, but that doesnt require courage or strength, or any characteristics like those. In fact, men are outliving their usefulness (100, 101 Waller) I really think that what he said is right. I think that by that he means that soon people will just forget what they are here in the world for and what work is. Everyone will become lazy. If everyone becomes lazy than ones everything is dead or you have to do something by hand no one will want to do it.

Robert calls himself one of the last cowboys. Cowboys are usually old fashion type and not too civilized. Thats what Robert is. In this paragraph I will tell you about Fracesca Johnson a little about her personality. She was a farmwife.

She lived on the farm and didnt work. One day, in the summer, she came out on her porch and was drinking iced tea. She was very exhausted from all her work. All of a sudden a truck drives by. And a man, who was Robert Kincaid, asked her for directions to one of the bridges that he was supposed to photograph. She offered him some iced tea and told him that she can go with him and show him if he doesnt mind.

He said yes. After showing him the bridge she asked him for dinner. Ones more he said yes. After a while she fell in love with him. Since her husband and children were away she stayed with him for the time.

A lot of things happened in between. He even asked her to travel around with him. She wanted to, but she couldnt. She said, Yes, its boring in its way. My life, that is. It lacks romance, eroticism, dancing in the kitchen to candlelight, and the wonderful feel of a man who knows how to love a woman.

Most of all, it lacks you. But theres this damn sense of responsibility I have. To Richard (her husband, not mentioned previously), to the children. Just my leaving, taking away my physical presence would be hard enough for Richard. That alone might destroy him.

On top of that, and this is even worse, he would have to live the rest of his life with the whispers of the people here. Thats Richard Johnson. His hot little Italian wife ran off with some longhaired photographer a few years back. Richard would have to suffer that, and the children would hear the snickering of Winterset (the town they lived in) for as long as they live here. They would suffer, too.

And they would hate me for it. As much as I want you and want to be with you and part of you, I cant tear myself away from the realness of my responsibilities The things that she said tells me a lot about her. I think that she is a truthful type person. She knows what her responsibilities are. She knows whats best very well.

She is very loving and caring about a lot of people and especially about her own children. She is basically picturing the future. I like that she pictures the future and thinks a lot especially before acting. In general I think that she is a good person and if I would have a chance to become her friend I would. In this paragraph I will tell you the theme or most important part of the story.

Michael and Carolyn were Francescas and Richards children. After their parents past away they wanted someone to write a book about them. The story starts like this. First, Michael and Carolyn get together with the writer and tell him things about their parents and where he could get more information on them. Then the book starts, as the writer is writing it by telling about Francesca, (Richard) and Robert. The book doesnt tell much about Richard at all.

It just tells that he left for a while with the children to a fair in Illinois and that it was boring for Francesca with him. Richard also is her second husband from Canada and from the army. The main part of the story is when Francesca dies. Before she died she wrote a letter to her children, Michael and Carolyn, telling her about the affair with Robert and why she didnt leave them. She also told them that she wants to be criminated near the bridge because Robert was criminated and his ashes were scattered there too. One day before Francesca died a package came to her. In there was a letter from Robert and the attorney, his chain with the engraving Francesca, and his silver bracelet.

From that day on she never took the chain and the bracelet off. She told them that she kept journals throughout her life and the journals were based on Robert and her, for them to be able to find out more about them they should read the journals (3 volumes). They found out why their mother didnt leave them even though she loved him a lot (as much as she loved her own children, hence she was with him only for a about 5 days) and they were very grateful for that in return by writing a book about them. This was the main part of the story and how the book evolved. Part 2 The military asked him back in 1943. He went with the marines and slogged his way up South Pacific Beaches, cameras swinging f …