Book Review Suprises Of Christian Way


evil was built as a tool for Adam and Eve to experience. And I think that God did not just build the tree thinking maybe they will try it maybe not. I think he built it intentionally for Adam and Eve to taste the fruit and to taste the real life. And I also think that the first days in heaven were only as an introduction to both of the wise creatures.They had to learn about other creatures about grass about trees, and that they had to eat and so God’s plan was to train them in heaven and than let them live on the earth.

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Chapter 5 Redemption involves more than a rescue. Redemption is also forgiving, guiding, sacrificing ones self. An example with Titanic shows a good definition of redemption. It also shows how fatal the redemption might be. Sacrificing your own life for others. The problem is that on the same titanic there people who did not think about anything else only about rescuing their own life. I understand those people too.

It has to a very strong person psychologically to make a step, which leads him to death. Everyone on the Titanic that did not get on the boat knew about his or her deaths. Also did Jesus. He did not get on the boat in the community he lived in.

And he knew that death would follow.But he chose to sacrifice his life for us, the big band of lazy and hopeless people because he is God and he is the strongest personality that has ever existed. He redeemed people so that we had better, only better life and that was not even a case of life and death. Could we call an example of Titanic not a case of life and death? I do not think so. There was maybe one percent probability, that people who did not get on the boat stayed alive. At that point I see that I do not clearly understand why did Jesus came to redeem us.Was a situation so bad on Earth that people needed to be redeemed? (Please put some comment about that).

Now matter why Jesus saved us but if it was a need, than I am thankful to him. And we should probably live all our life having him in mind. I believe that the woman and a baby never ever forgot Annie Funk. Who would? Telling the truth, only reading the book Surprises of Christian Way and writing this essay I understood why the mission of God, sending his own son to death should be so important to us. The only question remains in my head – was the situation on earth so bad.Chapter 6 The first main event mentioned in chapter six was God’s blessing of Abraham. It was very important because today Abraham is considered to be a Father of Faith. And not only for Christians but also for many other religions.

I found it surprising how God trusts one person. No matter how loyal this person would be to God, he/she anyway could get in trouble building and leading the new nation.The second surprising thing was how Abraham didn’t raise any question about the reason for building nation, and why he had to do that. Abraham only obeyed God’s will and left to the journey. The second root event in this chapter was the birth of Isaac. Although a covenant is a two-sided everlasting agreement, I have never though about God being responsible for his promises. What I want to say is – God bothers himself with promises and other responsibilities instead of sitting and doing nothing, which proves that God loves his people.

Reading the third root event, which was leaving Egypt, I realized what a huge hope people in these days had. And the comparison with South Africa is also very good.In both stories people were finally freed.

In both stories they had big hope. And in both stories they did what God commanded them to do. They were united; they did what a leader said.

And I think when Pharaoh tried to chase the chosen people, God ones again proved that he cares about his people and he would not leave them in trouble. Just hope is necessary.The covenant on the mount Sinai was the forth root event. God gave the Ten Commandments that we even obey today and they fit our society very well. The commandments were made very wisely which again raises the question who else if not God could create commandments that last for several thousands of years? The events further are very complicated. People wanted a king.

Saul was little of success.David was the second one. The fifth event was when God promised to David to establish his throne forever. That was I think the event that the entire nation was hoping for. Finally Israel will be the nation and not refugees as they were for many years. Chapter 7 The fact that Jesus was first welcomed by outsiders and not local people can be very easily explained.

First of all in local society there was and still exists a concurrency. People usually are afraid to accept somebody wiser or more capable because there are afraid to lose their positions, jobs and even self-confidence. That was one of the reasons why Herod wanted to kill Jesus. Herod was afraid of somebody that people call The King of Israel.

Even mothers who care a lot about their children would sometimes feel greed knowing that somebody’s child is much wise or is predetermined to be a king.On the other hand watching what is going on in Lithuania I can say that it is still hard for people to understand that our country is capable to produce something useful. Many people still think that there is something incredible “out there .. ” Maybe that was also one of the reasons why the people of his country did not give Jesus presents.

Chapter 8 For people, Jesus was the promised king – riding a colt from the line of David. Israelites who read the Old Testament knew that Jesus was the king because almost everything that was promised in Zechariah fulfilled.The teachers on the other hand could not believe that their King could come on a donkey, on a colt.

They expected something greater. And as Jesus once said not those who think they know much about God will first experience the kingdom of God, but those who listen and want to know. Religion Essays.