Boat Handling Course

Step By Step
I was given the task of finding out which people had completed their boat
handler’s course; to do this I performed the following steps:
Step 1: I loaded Microsoft Access
Step 2: Next I opened my “Club Members” file
Step 3: I then selected the “Queries” icon
Step 4: I created a query in Design View
Step 5: I added the following categories as headings for all age groups:
First Name, Surname, and Addresses 1,2 and 3, postcode, D.O.B,
Telephone No and Other Qualifications.

Step 6: I un-checked the Other Qualifications check box so that it would
not print out with the other information.

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Step 7: In the “Other Qualifications) Criteria box I inserted the string:
Like “*BH*”. And then I pressed the “Run” command, which
then came up with a list of people who had passed their Boat
Handlers course.

Step 8: I checked the results by hand, and if I found they were correct, I
saved them with a relative name to my file and obtained a print