Biography Report

Biography Report Title: Gold Buckle Dreams Author: David G. Brown Illustrator: Photos courtesy of Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Publisher: Quinan Press Copyright Date: 1986 This book was written about: Chris Le Doux Who was born on: March 27, 1953 At: Austin, Texas (hometown) born at: Texas Womens Hospital His/ Her parents were: Al and Bonnie Le Doux He/ She attended the following schools: He was taught at home till high school, then he attended Cheyenne Central High School. His/ Her outstanding accomplishments were: Winning many rodeos with a first place ride. Winning the 1976 Pro Rodeo Gold Buckle Recording 16 records, 9 of which went gold and 3 platinum. An experience that changed his/ her whole life was: When his grandfather bought him a horse named Comanche.

The person who had the greatest influence upon him/ her was: His Grandfather. Explain how the person influenced or encouraged him/ her to succeed: His Grandfather taught him how to ride. The biggest problem he/ she had to face was: Learning to compete against the pro riders, and overcoming a back injury. He/ She solved this problem by: Hiring people to train him 17 hours a day. He went to rehabilitation for 8 months and finally was able to compete again.

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If this person had never lived, the following things would be much different: The bronc riding world Country music If I were to make a movie about Chris Le Doux, I would include the following events from his/ her life: His childhood. His struggle to learn to ride His amazing and promising rodeo career His music and how it influences many peoples lives. I learned many new things about the world from reading about Chris Le Doux. Some of the things I learned are: How difficult rodeo can be How strong & loving Chris is I would recommend learning about this person to my friends because: He is a very inspiring person to read about. He has a very interesting life.