Biography Of Pele

Biography of Pele Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more widely admired by the world as “Pel”, was born on October 23, 1940, in a small village in Brasil called Trs Coraes in the Brasilian state of Minas Gerais. He was baptized in the municipal church called Igreja da Sagrada Famlia de Jesus, Maria e Jos. His father, Joo Ramos do Nascimento, or Dondinho, as he was known in the soccer world, was also a professional player.

He was well-known as one of the best-heading players in his time. He was a center forward for Fluminense until an injury kept him from playing professional division one soccer.His mother Celeste gave Pel and the rest of his family attention to their needs and a lot of love.

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When he was a child, Pel and his family moved to Baur, in the interior of the Brasilian state of So Paulo, where he learned to master the art of futebol. One day he himself confessed that he “tinha trs coraes [had three hearts]”, referring to the city where he was born, Trs Coraes, and to Baur and Santos. Pel’s Career Pel’s first job was shining shoes. But he had always dreamed of playing soccer.Pel’s soccer career started early. After playing in a few amateur teams like Baquinho and Sete Setembro, at the age of 11, while playing for an uncoached team called Ameriquinha, he was discovered by a former Brasilian World Cup player named Waldemar de Brito. De Brito recognized Pel’s skills and invited him to join the team he was organizing (Clube Atltico Baur?). When Pel was fifteen, in 1956, de Brito took him to the city of So Paulo to try out for the professional club called Santos Futebol Clube (SFC).

That day, de Brito told the team directors that “This boy will be the greatest soccer player in the world.” Pel’s first show came on September 7, 1956, when he played in place of the center forward Del Vecchio.He came into the game to score the sixth of the seven goals in the 7-1 Santos victory. He scored his goal on the 36th minute, in a play between Raimundinho and Tite. The ball was given to Pel in the box, and even though he was surrounded by defenders, he shot on goal and the ball went under goalkeeper Zaluar’s body. Zaluar became famous as the first goalkeeper to take a goal from the great Pel.

From there, the trip to the summit was fast. In his first league game with Santos, he scored four goals.The next season, he was a regular starter and came out score leader of the So Paulo state league, with 32 goals.