Biography Malcolm X


the membership reached approximately 30,000 by 1963. Malcolm X was very outspoken. He was never afraid to speak to the public about what he believed in even if it was dangerous to do so. Especially during the sixties, it was very dangerous for the blacks to speak unpleasant things about the whites. Although the American society was out of slavery, the social atmosphere was negative for blacks and the whites were very abusive to the blacks physically and mentally. Regardless of perilous surroundings, Malcolm X made lots of shocking statements in his speeches. Those statements aroused the blacks and encouraged them to think and recognize how discriminated their lives were.He gathered huge crowds of black people and convinced them in eloquent speeches that all whites were evil.

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Although this statement was wrong, Malcolm needed to shock the black people so that they will rebel against the oppressive society. Because of his charisma and persuasive way of speeches, the Nation of Islam became a nation-wide movement and a threat to the White society in an astonishingly short time. Malcolm X said, the white man is the devil and he convinced other black people to fight racial discrimination even with the use of violence.

Once he even commented on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy with the phrase chickens come home to roost, and silenced for 90 days by Elijah Muhammad.Finally, Malcolm X was able to admit his mistakes and correct them even if it meant losing his status and life. Malcolm X was always ready to revise his ideas and change them if he found that they were wrong. Especially in the fields of politics and religion, both of which he was working in, people usually never change their beliefs and policies, even if they are proved to be wrong. But Malcolm X was different. Malcolm knew that if he stayed in the nation of Islam, even though he found that it was wrong, he could be a powerful man and also could maintain the high and secure position in the nation of Islam.

But he altered his belief when Elijah Muhammad dismissed him.Malcolm fell apart from the Nation of Islam. He was deeply hurt, but he did not give up, and he established his own movement and made a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964. A pilgrimage to Mecca is obligatory for orthodox Muslims, and there he began to consider changing his views towards integration. In Mecca, he saw that it was possible for black and white people to live in brotherhood, of which he was deeply touched.

After the pilgrimage he adopted the name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.This trip changed his points of view profoundly. He became less militant and even admitted that sometimes white people can help the black movement. He also got rid of Mr.

Muhammads doctrines and taught the real Islam he experienced in the East. When he heard of the Black Muslims plot to kill him, he did not feel any fear. He just wanted his family to be safe. His home in Queens, New York, which Malcolm X shared with his wife and his six children was firebombed in early February 1965, but the family survived.Even with the death threats and the bombing of house, the Black Muslims could not stop him. When Malcolm X was delivering a speech in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem on February 21, 1965, he was assassinated by the Black Muslims.

Before he died, he declared that he would be glad if he could have helped the black people, but that all credit is due to Allah. Only the mistakes were his. Malcolm X showed us that where one comes from is not important.

What is important is where one is heading. He started his young adulthood as a common criminal and also was once associated as a hatemonger. But after his pilgrimage to Mecca, he began preaching the message of unity among all people. In February 1965, he was assassinated while preaching this message of unity. Anybody can make mistakes, in fact, we improve as a person by learning from our mistakes.But accepting that our ideas and actions were mistakes and learning from them is very hard processes.

Sometimes during those processes, we do not accept that we are wrong or we just give up. But Malcolm X learned from his mistakes and towards the end of his life became a man of peace who was willing to lay down his life for his cause. All in all, Malcolm X was a courageous leader who was able to turn his own personal life, able to persuade others to what he believed in, and able to admit his mistakes and correct them even if meant losing his status and life. He fought for what he believed in which was justice.

He also influenced others to fight for their rights. Furthermore, he was ready to revise his ideas if he found them wrong and change them and learn from those mistakes. The leader of the Black Muslim movement was the self-nominated Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad.

But the man who made the radical group popular was his minister Malcolm X. The phenomenon that was Malcolm X became one of the most popular Afro-American leaders in a short time.Although he was dismissed by his leader Muhammad, his popularity did not diminish. When he was assassinated by the Black Muslims in 1965, newspapers all over the world paid tribute to him as a great Negro leader.

Malcolm X certainly was a great leader who influenced lots of black peoples lives. Not only did he influence the blacks of his generation, but also the future generations. His influence is still felt in our time.Thousands of black people all over the world could be seen wearing black baseball caps with a big white X on it, meaning that black Afro-Americans, who had lost their original surnames, were no longer willing to bear their former slave-masters name. The name Malcolm X should not be remembered as the a violent black activist, but as one of the most greatest Negro leaders in American history who was virtuous and who influenced lots of black people to fight for human rights. English Essays.