Biographical Sketch

Biographical Sketch This is a biographical sketch about my person, Walter Walles. He was born around 1830 and 1850, he lived for 89 years. He was born in Europe, at the age of seven he moved to New York. When he moved, he brought many things with him, such as: furniture, food, jewelry, and certain traits.

His parents moved so they could give their son a better education.Walter went to the finest schools of New York to become a doctor. He was a very good student his parents where jewelers who owned many rare jewels, the name of their shop is still around, Walles Jewelers.

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He continued to study in New York, until he became a successful and famous doctor, chemist. Walter was a very down to earth person and loved doctoring, it was his passion, but yet he did not let fame get to him. Instead he gave lots of money to poor people and charities. As a doctor he made many medical discoveries, but they would be very crude practices today.Walles showed early signs of being a doctor because he would experiment on little animals with tools he made out of: stone, bronze, and sticks.

He went bald at an early age because of all the chemicals that he experimented with. This also made another interesting side affect, incredible fast growing beard he grew a big beard, but a spot in the middle of his head there would grow a small patch of hair, so he ended up shaving his head. Some people thought he looked funny with his facial hair and shaved spot and his beard, so this giveaway too many nick names, such as: Slick, Baldy, Godzilla, Wally, Walt. Walt was a pillar of the community.In most pictures that were taken of him he looked very serious and mean, but that is not so, often he would joke around with his patients saying such things as: “Oh, that’s a very bad wound, we will have to amputate that arm.” and telling people that he removed there bladder, when really he was suppose to remove there appendix.

Wally had somewhat a morbid sense of humor but he though he was very funny. This picture was taken just before he died, he looked young in it, but he was only 88. One day he was experimenting with some volitle chemicals to try and cure Gonorrhea, however a reaction that he had not expected blew up on him turning the house that he lived in. Into nothing but ruble and dirt.Walter lived a happy and successful life with his morbid sense of humor and his experimenting of chemicals.

That concludes my story.