Bill Bradey

Bill Bradey Bill Bradley 7/28/43 ~ Bill Bradley College: Princeton and Oxford Height: 6-5 Weight: 205 lbs. Average Points Per Game is 12.4 Rebounds in his Career 2354 Assists in Career 2533 Points in Career 9217 Bill Bradley started off his life in Crystal City, Missouri. He was born on July 28, 1943. He took his first shot with a basketball when he was 9 at the Crystal Citys YMCA. He started playing basketball for his local high school as a freshman.

He became captain of his high school team his second year. He often went to the gym when he didnt have a team practice. He would ask his coach if he could use the gym on the off days of practice. Bill then moved on from high school and made up his mind to go to Princeton University. He was an all American is college and was also asked to play on the Olympic team.

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That team went on to be gold medallists. He later broke the record for most points in a single NCAA tournament. He also became the first basketball player to get the Sullivan Award for the nations best amateur athlete. Aside from all his basketball he was a good student getting strait Bs. Bill was one of the thirty-two people of the U.S.

chosen to go to Oxford University in England. Bill then came back after two years of little basketball to be drafted by the knicks. He signed a three year contract for 500,000. That was unusual for a basketball player to get. Most of them got 50,00 to 100,00. He then had to spend six months in the air force.

After the six months he started playing for the knicks. But he wasnt as good as he was in college because, he didnt have as much practice. But managed to start on the knicks great team the second year of his career. Bill won the rookie of the year award. In 1971 he was thinking about dropping out of basketball and going for politics but then he hit his career high 38 and stayed. He also got three hundred rebounds and assists.

Bill was then chosen for the all-star game which he thought were only for the young starts not the old but he thought wrong. He played twelve minutes and scored four points. Bill brought his team to 4 championships. Bill had his high games and his low games. He played good games will more then ten assists, points, rebounds and even blocks.

In 1972-1973 he was averaging 16 points. In 1976 he decided to retire. He averaged four points and twelve minutes per game. His scoring average of his career was 12.4. After he retired he wanted to join in politics.

Bradley won his democratic election. He didnt just stop playing basketball he stop watching basketball in 1977. He did this all for his daughter. He was then elected for the Basketball Hall of Fame. He later became an educator at Stanford, Maryland, and Notre Dame.

That is my report on Bill Bradley.