Tom D. Crouch and Peter L. Jakab The Wright Brothers: And The Invention of
The Aerial Age. Washington D.C. National Geographic, 2003
A series of documents and rare photos, which depicts their ideas of wind
tunnel and the records, the shattered. Such as time aloft, altitude,
distance covered, and more. Helpful and easy to understand.

Judy Baker. Celebrating a century of flight; two men, One extraordinary

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Washington, D.C. N.A.S.A. Publication, 2002.

A pamphlet that contains information from the first flight to space travel.

Very interesting and useful information.

Chiles Encyclopedia Book 6: F Reference Page 42 Published 1998.

A quick reference item for anything that starts with F.

It has some facts but not too much information on the first flight
The Wright Brothers-First Flight, 1903. Ibis Communications; Inc.

Copyright 1997.

This site has quotes from when early construction of the plane was

Easy to read and understand and lots of useful information.

The Wright Brothers . Copyright 1999.

The site has a lot of information about their childhood and their beginning

Very helpful in the research and understanding of my topic.

Kelly Fred C. The Wright Brothers: A Biography
Authorized by Orville Wright. New York. Harcourt, Brace and Co.1943.

This helped me find out the good and bad of the Wright Brothers and some of
the planes that failed.

Freudenthal, Elsbeth E. Flight into History: The Wright Brothers and The
Air Age. Norman, University of Oklahoma press.1949.

This helped me find out how they got obsessed with the learning of flying.

Orville’s sketch of the toy helicopter”The Wright Family” US Centennial of
Flight used this document to
view some of their earlier ideas.

Blueprint of the 1903 Wright Flier. “The First Flight (1903) “US Centennial
of Flight Commission. 2003. Iusedthis
document to view how the Wright flier was built
A photograph of Wilbur and Orville. “After the First Flight” US Centennial
of Flight I used this on my
picture presentation.

Photo of Wilbur Wright. “1900 Glider experiments.”US Centennial of Flight I used thisonmyphoto

The Wright Home Dayton, Ohio. “The Wright Family” US Centennial of Flight I used this formyphoto

The 1900 Kite.”1900 glider experiments. “US CentennialofFlight
Commission.2003. I used this photo to examine how they flew
their first kite.

West Side News. “Business”. US Centennial of Flight Commission.2003. I used this document to view what was going on
around that time.

Commission.2003. I used this document to help me learn the range
of the plane.

Secondary sources
Theodore Rowland, Wilbur andOrvilleWright.NewYork,Marshall

I used this bibliography about Wright Brothers to study mostly what
happened after the first flight.

Donald Lopez, Flight, US Weldon Owen Inc, 1995. I used this to get some
quick information about my topic.

Curtis Prendergast, The First Aviators, Alexandria, Virginia, Time Life
Books, 1967. I used this book to learn about some of the earlier aviators
before the Wrights.

By the Editors of American Heritage, History of Flight, 1962. This book did
not have much about the Wright flyer but I used what was in there about
before the Wrights.

Margaret Hudson, The Wright brothers, Chicago, Heinemann Library, 1999. I
used this book to study about the Wright family and their young years.

Fred Howard, Wilbur and Orville, New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1987. This book
provided good pictures of the Wrights and the Wright flyer.

Gorge Sullivan, The Wright Brothers, Broadway, New York, scholastic, 2002.

This was a good book that short and I could read the whole thing in a week.

Henk Tennekes, The Simple Science of Flight, Cambridge, Massachusetts, The
MIT Press, 1997. I compared this book with the others to see what type of
research on science the Wrights did.

“The Wright Family” US Centennial of Flight Commission, Oct.19.2003,