Ben-Hur was transformed from bible scripture to a moviebecause it is the most read scripture in the Bible. Thescripture tells the story of a man, Judah Ben-Hur, whotrades his life as the prince of Jerusalem with the life of aslave. The story tells of his journeys and triumphs as a slave.The story starts with the five wise men as their journey tofind Jesus. When they arrive in Bethlehem they come bearinggifts for the newborn king. After the birth of Jesus the moviechanges to two Roman soldiers who are in a meeting.

One of the soldiers, Tribune Musala, is an old friend ofJudah. Judah comes in and meets with Musala and inviteshim to his home for dinner and to see his family. Musala tellsJudah how the Romans will conquer his people and if hewants to save his family he can turn in the Rebels who planto revolt. Judah is enraged that his friend would ask him toturn in his own people, and storms out of the meeting.

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After the meeting Judah returns home to find an oldfriend/slave of his there waiting for him. The slave askspermission that his daughter be allowed to marry. Judahgladly grants his wish and meets the young woman, Esther.The two have a private talk in which Judah grants Esther herfreedom and says that he will wear her slavery ring until hefinds his true love. The Romans enter Jerusalem and the entire city watchedfrom rooftops. As Judah and Esther watched Estheraccidentally knocks a shingle loose and scares a horsecausing it to kick and buck a general from the horse killingthe general. The Romans enter the city and arrest Judah, hissister, and mother. His friend Musala orders Judah to besent to the galleys.

Judah escapes from confines to findMusala and asks him why he would do this to a friend.Musala says, “People will fear me for persecuting my ownfriend.” A chain gang of slaves traveling through the desert stop sothe Romans can get a drink of water. The guards allow theslaves very little water, but allow their horses to drink aplentiful amount. The guards say “No water for him” referringto Judah.

A man gives Judah water and the guard gets angryand yells at the man. The guard and the man look at eachother and the guard cowards. The man is portrayed asJesus.At the end of the desert travels Judah finds himself in thegalleys of a boat as a numbered rower. He spends overthree years in the galleys of numerous boats. Governor Ariuswho puts Judah up to an endurance test rules the boat.

Mostof the other slaves pass out due to the rigors of the test,however Judah withstands the test and wins. As they aregoing into battle Arius has a guard unchain Judah. The boatis rammed and Judah escapes from the galley and sees Ariusget knocked into the water. Judah saves Arius and the twowatch the boat sink as they float on a piece of wood.

The next day a Roman boat saves the two. Arius tells all onthe boat that Judah saved his life. When they return to landArius plea’s with the Roman government to free Judah. Theythe give Judah to Arius to do with him as he wishes. Ariusthen has a celebration where he gives Judah a family ring andasks him to be his adopted son. He also makes Judah thesole heir to his land and possessions. A few weeks after theceremony Judah tells Arius that he wishes to return toJerusalem.On his journey back to Jerusalem Judah crosses paths withan Arab who he makes friends with and agrees to race forthem in the Circus.

Judah and the Arab enjoy a fulfilling mealand at the end to show delight they belch. The better thebelch the better the meal.When he returns home he finds Esther and her father. Herfather was tortured by the Romans to find out where Judah’sfortune is hidden.

The old man does not give in and istortured so that he can no longer walk. Judah meets with Musala and orders him to find his motherand sister. He also challenges Musala to race against him inthe Circus. Musala finds Judah’s mother and sister only tofind out that they have leprosy. The two were released fromprison after five years. Upon their release they find Estherand beg her not to tell Judah of their condition and to rathertell him that they are dead. When the Circus takes place Judah races for the Arabs.

Musala has a “Big Chariot” which means that he has spikeson his wheels. Musala uses the spikes to destroy the wheelsof the other racers. Musala tries to destroy Judah’s wheelsand whip him at the same time, however Judah grabbed thewhip and took it away from Musala causing him to losecontrol of the horses and get drug behind his horses until helets the reins go and is trampled by another chariot. Judahwon the race and was crowned victor. After the racedoctors want to amputate Musalas legs, however he wantsto wait to see Judah first.

Judah arrives and Musala tells himthat his family is not dead and that they are in fact in thevalley of the lepers. Musala then died in front of Judah.When Judah goes to the valley of the lepers he sees Esther,he gets angry with her for lying to him.

She explains theirplea to her. Judah then returns to the valley again the nextday, this time to see his mother and sister. When he sees hismother she tells him that his sister, Tirza is dying.

They go tosee Tirza and take her to Rome. When they arrive they findout that a man is being tried. They find that the man beingtried was actually Jesus being crucified.As Jesus is carrying his cross up the hill he falls down and iswhipped. Judah gave him some water as he did for Judah inthe past. One of the guards kicks the water away fromJesus.

The four watch as Jesus is crucified. Later that nightthe three women are sitting in a cave when a bad storm rollsin. At the peak of the storm Jesus died.

After the death ofJesus Marium and Tirza are cured of their Leprosy. Theythen see Judah the next day and everyone was happy thatthey were cured.History