Ben And Jerry

.. serve the communities in which they do business.” The structure of the Partner shops is that the franchise fee is waved and most of the businesses profits go to a not for profit organization. The individual who is running the shop will get enough money so that he/she will be able to live, but the big focus is on the non-profit organization. The Partner shops also act as a job training facility for those individuals who need specific job training. Most of the jobs go to those people who have found it hard to build the skills that are needed in the work place.

A big part of Ben & Jerrys success, is how well there management is run and operated. Ben & Jerrys has many scoop shops, franchised scoop shops, Company-owned scoop shops, and manufacturing facilities that need managers to organize production, operations, and any many other duties. There are many important management positions that Ben & Jerrys needs filled daily. Below are the names of the management positions and a little summary of what the functions of the particular type of manager must project for the corporation. Retail Operations Manager- This manager makes goals and objectives for long-term operations development. Also this manager must be able to connect with competitors in the location, and make a successful retail operations by evaluating other companies in the area.

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They must oversee the design and developments of new shop real estate property, locations, and construction operations. Brand Scooping Licensing Manager- This manager works with other managers (sales and retail operations) to produce long and short- term objectives for expanding the licensed Scoop Station concept. They must also manage the qualifications of potential licensees and the constant relationship with present licensees. International Product Manager: Asia- This manger oversees the marketing of products throughout Asia with emphasis on the strong Japanese market. This manager works together with present regional management, Japanese management, and other local markets to achieve market share, sales, and profit targets. (Ben & Jerrys have been very successful with these profit markets.) Merchandising Development Manager- This manager has big responsibilities with ensuring that all products that are non-food are properly meeting guidelines for the financial, social mission and marketing goals.

These products are sold in Ben & Jerrys gift shops, catalogs, and on the Internet. This manager must also oversee new product line development and purchasing. Safety Manager- This manager is responsible for the safety of all employees while at work in the manufacturing facilities. Also for the public while they are at the shops, and festivals that take place on certain dates of the year. They must design, develop and direct management systems that will identify, evaluate, measure, and control people injury.

They must ensure that safety is at high levels to accommodate within areas of manufacturing safety, fleet safety, retail safety, and public liability at the festivals. Plant Engineering/ Maintenance Manager- This manger is responsible for the direction and management of the engineering and maintenance functions of the plant. They must ensure that all machinery is working properly and that they are working efficiently and safely. This manager must also work with the production staff to create new procedures that improve overall production. Plant Manager-This management position was added to the Ben & Jerrys job list recently.

This manager will devise a manufacturing plant that will maximize production, minimize costs and maintain quality. They must report to the Director of Manufacturing regularly to contribute to the improvement of manufacturing policies. Also they must establish goals that they can ensure, and measures they can meet successfully. Business Sales Development Manger- This person must design, recommend and implement product brand strategies. They must also coordinate program planning with the Sales manager and customers to ensure maximum sales volume is achieved. They must also travel to observe other shops and make sure they are operating properly and successfully to ensure customer satisfaction. Regional Sales Manager-This manager oversees Ben & Jerrys sales activities in certain states that they are assigned to.

For example a regional sales manager will be based in Atlanta, GA, but will oversee Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The responsibilities are endless because of such a wide region, but for a summary, they carry out duties such as developing a strong relationship with distributors, buyers, district managers and chain store personnel. They must also develop and manage promotional budgets for the region and advise distributors and clients concerning sales and advertising techniques. As you can see, there are many management positions that must be successful in order for the whole process of the corporation to work together and be a success. Management is the most important part of making a business work.

You must have strong willed, responsible, successful, personable, and open-minded managers that will conduct their area of management in a positive way, and that will leave a lasting impression. As many businesses, Ben & Jerrys has a Mission Statement that they strive to make true everyday. The statement is as follows: “Ben & Jerrys is dedicated to the creation & demonstration of a new corporate concept of linked prosperity. Our mission consists of three interrelated parts: To make, distribute and sell the finest quality all natural ice cream and related products in a wide variety of innovative flavors made from Vermont dairy products. To operate the Company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders, and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees.

To operate the Company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in the structure of society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life of a broad community- local, national, and international. Underlying the mission of Ben & Jerrys is the determination to seek new & creative ways of addressing all three parts, while holding a deep respect for individuals inside and outside the Company and for the communities of which they are a part.” Something exciting that is coming to stores in the world of ice cream is new Ben & Jerry’s Eco-pints. These pints are environmentally friendly because they are unbleached paper cartons! These cartons will be much more environmentally safe because the”bleaching paper which chlorine is one of the largest causes of toxic water pollution in the United States.” Ben & Jerrys not only strive to make scrumptious ice cream, but also safe ice cream. By excluding Dioxin which is the chemical know to cause cancer, the Eco-pints are very safe. As Jason traveled to a town extremely close to his own, Waterbury, Vermont, he was able to experience the tour of the factory.

The tour started out with an eight minute movie of how Ben & Jerrys originated, and then you walk through the factory and see the Production Room, and are explained about the machines. Then you are taken to the Flavor Room for a free sample. No photography is allowed, so he was unable to bring back photographs of the factory. The tour in total is about 30 minutes long in total. The following chart, is the increase in sales every 2 years. The business started in 1984 and the recorded financial year that I found was 1997.

The numbers are in millions of dollars on the left-hand side of the chart. 1984: Sales exceed 4 million dollars, 120% increase 1986: Sales exceed 20 million dollars, 100% growth rate 1988: Sales exceed 47 million dollars, 49% increase 1990: Sales exceed 77 million dollars, 32% increase 1992: Sales exceed 132 million dollars, 36% increase 1994: Sales exceed 149 million dollars, 1.9 million net losses 1996: Sales exceed 167 million dollars, 8% increase 1997: Sales exceed 174 million dollars, 4% increase In conclusion of our Ben & Jerrys field study report, we have provided all research information which was located at . Hopefully we have included all necessary facts to create an overview of many aspects of Ben & Jerrys, Inc. Through research on the Internet, and Jason traveling to Vermont, we broadened our horizons of how a corporation is operated to be a success.