Battle Chess

Battle Chess Battle Chess is a very detailed game.

You can set it up for many different levels of play, ranging from beginner to advantanced. You can watch the computer play itself or you can have it play against you. One of the good features in it are the option to switch players once you start the game. You can switch with the computer with the click of one mouse button. You can also play this game over the modem, which means you can play with a friend that is across the United States.

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You can save your games so if you wish to, you can later finish can have the computer generate a move for you of you can have it suggest a move. This can be very handy if you are a beginner to chess. You can play the game in 2d or 3d. If you have a VGA monitor you can see 256 different colors. You can also play the game if you have a EGA card.

Both cards are very good, but of course the VGA card provides a lot better display. You can have the option of having sound on while you play. If you have a Sound Blaster (a card that modifies your sound of your PC to a maximum) you can listen to it in stereo. If will sound much better, but you can still use your regular PC speaker. If you have a piece taken in the game the two pieces in controversy will simulate a fight.The piece taken over the other will always win, but it is still very interesting to watch. I think that this article helped me a little.

I am not really interested in chess games for the computer. I feel that the article was written to the people who are interested in computer games. The author of the article was from the publisher of the company so he was trying to sell the game.I think that it sounds interesting. If I had a friend that was interested in computer games I would deffinately recommend it to him/her. It sounds like a cool program, but since I am not too “into” chess I’ll stick with adventure games.