Literature of baseball
Just about every person in America, unless you have been under a rock for three or four years knows about the decline of baseballs popularity, and the emergence of new sports gaining popularity. I believe that baseball is becoming a sport of the past not the present or future. The main reason for its decline is the changes in attitudes of the new generations of sports fans, and baseball is vastly declining in its popularity. People in between the ages of 18 through 29 prefer other sports besides baseball, and people over the age of 30, are more likely to pick baseball as their number one sport of choice. This is because baseball is not an appealing sport anymore, the game is slow and it is outdoors in the heat. Unlike soccer, which is outside, is an exciting game with players moving and participating. Baseball is now a sport that kids are less likely to play.

Baseball attendance is declining because too many Americans are no longer willing to make the time commitment to travel to the ballpark and spend three or more hours outside. Fans are also fed up with the rising ticket prices. But, Sept. 11 was a rude waking for economic reasons that made ticket prices and other items to fall. Which right now baseball is at its lowest peak in the global market.

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If you built it, he will come,(Kinsella) a book about bringing father and son together which a baseball brought in the past. Now, kids are not playing baseball or watching baseball games for that father and son connection. Going to baseball game right now is just a gathering to drink beer and eat peanut. Kids are more interested in playing video games such as Xbox, playstation, and gamecube instead of playing sports. So the increase in technology makes it difficult for baseball expand from generation to generation. When I went to the little baseball game, I interviewed the players and a little 10- year old boy named Jay said, I have a lot of fun being with my friends. I really like to hit too. Im really not that good but when I get a big hit its fun. I also like to play when it rains because the field is muddy and your can slide and get dirty. As you can see, Jay did not mention about winning or skill that means baseball is not in his future.

Baseball player also have no respect for fans and the community. Just like you said in class, they have quotas they have to meet, and when they met, they dont usually go beyond it. You never see commercials where a baseball player is reading to a group of children or helping out the community.
Another reason why baseball is declining that fans are tired of owners and players arguing over how much they should be paid. “The very symbol, the outward and visible expression of the drive and push and rush and struggle of the raging, tearing booming nineteenth century (Tygel).” That is why they are going into another strike, for what, the money. Baseball will never be the same as long as players and owner arguing. In the past, baseball was about great rivals, Now only the Yankees remain. But memories of those long-ago rivalries lovingly linger on (Goodwin). Is this decade, there would not be any memories to remember because baseball is not the ideal sport that it once was and now there are to many other things that is going on. When I get older, will be no memories like my dad experienced when he was young and use to tell me about them.
Baseball statistics is also not important as it was in the past. Barry Bonds hit more the 70 homerun passing McGuire and Sosa and he did not get nearly as much recognition as they did. I remember a passage in The Universal Baseball Association, which made me think baseball is really going down hill.Nothing like it really. Not the actual game so much — to tell the truth, real baseball bored him — but rather the records, the statistics, the peculiar balances between individual and team, offense and defense, strategy and luck, accident and pattern, power and intelligence. And no other activity in the world had so precise and comprehensive a history, so specific an ethic, and at the same time, strange as it seemed, so much ultimate mystery (Coover).
All of the books were great saying how baseball the change there lives, and how it was the American pastime, and also how the world changed because baseballs greatness. All of these things are true but baseball is still the only sport that is still having problems with racial issues. Recently, a member in the major league said, Racism is still alive and it is sad that we as a community have not changed. In class, I could remember a speaker that we had that fought for racism his whole life. He was such an inspirational person to listen to and I recommend him to speak all over the country about how one man helped so many people that his own life was almost taken away. Even to this day, he still continues which makes him a very dedicated person to help other people in the way he do. I think that baseball was the American pastime, but now it is slowly but surely becoming the forgotten presence.