Baby Boomers

.. ysical activities and leisure for the aging will do very well. There is a downside to this. After age sixty-six, the likelihood of a person developing Alzheimer’s Disease doubles about every five years (Dytchwald, K. Dec. 18.

2000). Unless a cure is found in our lifetime, it is estimated that the disease will strike fourteen million baby boomers by the middle of this century, up from four million today. Dytchwald also notes that the duration of the disease, which currently averages eighth to ten years before death will continue to be prolonged to fifteen to twenty more years or more. One of the first support groups businesses will be interested in are the children of the retiring people. Most retirees will not want to or can not afford to live in a retirement home, especially with the increase of elderly abuse in retirement homes that are always featured on the news media.

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The children of retirees will not want to place their loved ones in such facilities, therefore businesses should look for ways to help or change the situations to make the children of the aging population to feel more at ease on placing their loved ones in retirement facilities. In home care for those who are disabled and living with their loved ones, will be something that the family will need so that their normal life activities, will not be affected with the burden of an incapable elderly staying in their home. The need for more nurses and doctors for in-home and hospital care will be greatly in demand, for there will be many more people in the future because of the influx of the aging boomers, that will need specialists to care for them. There will also be needs for more health care facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals and retirement homes for those who are sick and do not have the support of their families to care for them. Healthcare insurance is another business that will profit greatly as the boomers enter the retirement stage of their lives. There will be a great demand for medicines, most, of which will far exceed the income of the elderly.

People will be looking for the best and cheapest way of filling prescriptions, making them shop smarter for insurance carriers causing these companies to compete and give better assistance to the consumers. Private transportation companies are another business segment that will be positively influenced by the need of the elderly for mobility. We have seen recent reports on TV on the problems of the elderly driving and controlling their vehicles. At a certain age people lose their ability to operate motor vehicles, and people are still unsure of public transportation especially places like Southern California where people are dependent on driving around by themselves. Once driver’s license are taken away from the elderly do not mean that they will lock themselves up into isolation.

There will be a great need for alternative transportation for the one’s that need mobility and do not want to be dependent on other people to get them to places that they need to go, like medical facilities, recreational facilities and grocery stores. Gays and lesbian baby boomers are another group that specialized businesses will cater to. The demand for housing communities, social organization facilities and lots more will be rising because the gay and lesbian communities will intend to invent their own way of retirement, one that celebrates being part of a like-minded community (Rosenberg, D. Jan. 15, 2001) One change that the baby boomer population has changed is the way they do and deal with politics.

The baby boomers will be very influential in the political arena, changes that they have demanded are more directed to problems of the population as a whole. The baby boomers have brought together all races to the bargaining table. Realizing the past generation’s mismanagement and prejudicial incompetence, the baby boomers are now exercising their own judgement to mend the thinking and past practices of the pervious generation in politics. Baby boomers no longer believe in follow the leader, they will question whatever they think is wrong or they will need explanations and justifications on issues that will affect them. The boomer generation has enacted laws regarding discrimination in the workforce, childcare and safety laws, environmental issues, just to mention a few. Baby boomers know that in order to have a strong and united country, we must learn to change our thinking, attitudes and behavior on diversity. This attitude of the baby boomers will be an example for the generations to come, who in turn can make any type of prejudice a thing of the past. To truly show the attitudes and positions of the baby boomer generation, an article from the Suburban Boomers Take on City Hall from Macomb Township to Westland (Detroit News Oct. 10, 2000) showed their activism in politics.

They are voicing out their opinions and feeling to the city hall politicians about their discontent on the way things are enacted on their city. The article also claims that the baby boomers have been awakened and are desperate for change on issues like environment and government, it says that the baby boomers are now in the driver’s seat and they will make changes according to their needs. (Celente G.). Baby boomers are taking control of their lives. They will be changing politics for the good of everyone else.

Changes in world trade, globalization, social security, Medicare and human rights will be enacted as they take control of the voting majority. The baby boomer generation is getting old and wiser, changes in policies toward health care and other needed reforms will be expected to conform to their retirement needs. They grew up independent and would like to stay that way and not depend on the next generation for their retirement needs. To elaborate more on the subject of health care concerns of the baby boomers, an article written by Amy Turnbull, (Morning Star November 15, 1999) Quoted Mr. Patrick Brady, who is the executive director of Citizens for Long Term Care (CLTR), a non partisan Washington D.C. based nonprofit organization that wants to raise awareness of problems in the long term care system. He talked about problems that can be exacerbated as baby boomers age.

Mr. Brady told residents and others at the Manorhouse that in thirty one years, more than twenty percent of the population will be sixty five or older and the cost of long term care will be astronomical. By 2030, unless significant changes are made in America’s entitlement programs, social security spending, Medicare and federal civilian and military pensions, spending will exceed the government’s revenues. In conclusion, The baby boomer generation will be the largest retiring population that our society will experience. They will affect decisions that in turn will be the basis on how society will live in the near future. Because of their political clout and voting power the baby boomers will basically decide the future of the nation, how society will view beliefs, how laws will be enacted and create more laws that will be made for the needs of the retiring baby boomers.

Because of their wealth and longevity, many businesses will cater to their needs, changes on food manufacturing will be affected for the better, and we will see more nutritious food and many more facilities offering convenience. The medical fields will be impacted the most by the retiring baby boomers, the need for more facilities, better services and care, and effective prescription drugs will be in high demand in the near future. Future careers of people will also be impacted by their retirement; people will get jobs that are related to directly or indirectly to the needs of the retiring baby boomers. Research and technology will also benefit from their retirement; their usual demands for better things will predict what new ways people will be doing or making in the near future. Everyone should be made aware of the consequences of the retiring baby boomers. There will be lots of technological advances and exciting changes that will happen, but there are also issues that the nation as a whole should start thinking and finding ways to solve right now, issues like social security benefits, Medicare, aging society issues, medical care and many more.

Facing issues at an early stage will not only benefit the retiring population, but the nation as a whole. The near future can be an exciting place to be the benefits that the aging baby boomers will demand can also make everyone’s life better. They will affect all aspects of life; politics, businesses and social life will change to conform to the aging baby boomers’ needs. So get ready, The baby boomers are coming. References Walther, C. October 12, 1998.

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