Australian Foreign Policy

Australian Foreign Policy Australian Foreign Policy Topic 2 Due Date: 26/5 Teacher: Br Smith Student: Luke OConnor Australia was a good friend to the Indonesian independence movement in the years after World War 2, but Australia stood silently by as Dutch New Guinea was given to Indonesia. Again, Australia stood on the sidelines when Indonesian soldiers killed Australian journalists in Balibo, invaded East Timor and annexed the territory in 1975. [Review, November, 1995] Australias indecisiveness in matters of foreign policy has significantly affected the make up of the regions political structures. Bipartisan political inactivity in Australia, prevalent during the quiet time 1955-1965 compounded earlier decisions of foreign policy made in the highly active post WW2 period. Throughout and after the Second World War, Australia was an avid supporter of the Indonesian separatist or independence movement seeking self-determination from the colonial Dutch government.

Indonesia had been in a state of hostility and fear for decades. The few enraged independence rebels, regular feeble attempts at revolution were put down harshly and without question by the Dutch Colonial Forces. Australias political arrogance in providing illicit support for the rebels, yet having a head in the sand attitude to subsequent results of their actions contributed immensely to the Indonesia problems of today. Ind History Reports.

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