Articles of incorporation

The nature of the business is motor vehicle body repair and brakes.

The maximum number of shares of stock that Marshall Muffler and BrakesCorporation is authorized to have outstanding at any one time is 9 shares of common stock having a par value of $1.00 per share.

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The stocks of this company is intended to qualify under the requirements of Section 1244 of the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations issued there under. Such actions may be necessary shall be deemed to have been taken by the appropriate officers to accomplish this compliance.

Tele: 404 123 1234 fax: 404 123 1235
This corporation exists perpetually.

Each director, stockholder and officer, in consideration for his or her service, shall, in the absence of fraud be indemnified whether then in office or not for the reasonable cost and expenses, incurred by him in connection with the offense of or officer of the corporation or of any subsidiary of the corporation, whether or not wholly owned to the maximum extent permitted by law. The forgoing right of indemnification shall be inclusive of any other rights to which any director, stockholder or officer may be entitled as a matter of law.
This corporation shall have a minimum of one director. The initial Board of Directors shall consist of:
The name and address of the incorporator is:
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has hereunto set hand and seal on this day of Monday 20th July 2000.

The foregoing instrument was executed and acknowledged before me this day of Monday 20th July 2000 by Farhan Ali.

My commission Expires: 20th July 2000.