Animal Farm

Animal Farm The Importance of Squealer Sly, greedy, and crafty are just a few characteristics that describe Squealer in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. This pig is also a messenger, an actor, a great persuasive speaker, a follower, and an outstanding liar. He’s nimble, he’s clever, he’s manipulative and most of all he’s sneaky.

Squealer uses his intelligence to persuade the other animals on the farm into doing what Napoleon wants, even if they don’t really want to do it. He uses his craftiness and cunning to persuade the animals into thinking that he is on their side and he’s doing all he can to help them out. His acting ability misleads the animals into thinking that he’s one of their closest friends and that he can be trusted with all their secrets.Squealer’s slick style makes him an important character in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Squealer’s first manipulative deed is committed when he tells the other animals on the farm that the pigs are going to get the windfall apples and the milk from now on. He uses his persuasive speaking skills to talk the other animals into understanding why the pigs were doing this. Squealer explains to the other animals that the pigs are taking the milk and apples merely for their own health and nothing else.

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He uses this excuse of the pigs taking the apples and milk for their health to persuade the animals into thinking that they should give them the windfall apples and milk without questions. Squealer then says to the animals “Comrades! You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in selfishness and privilege?” (Orwell 42). He then goes on to say “Milk and apples contain substances absolutely necessary to the wellbeing of a pig.

We pigs are brain workers, the organization of the farm totally depends on us” (Orwell 42). Saying the pigs are taking the apples and milk in the good of the other animals is one good example of his manipulative ways because, he then says that Jones will come back if they don’t let the pigs have the apples and the milk. Immediately after Squealer says that Jones will come back, it makes all the animals want to give the extras to the pigs. Squealer uses this fear of Jones coming back as one of his main arguments to persuade the animals on the farm to believe him. Another good example of Squealer’s persuasive talents, is when Napoleon drives Snowball off the farm using his dogs that he trained himself.

Napoleon has Squealer go around the farm and explain to the animals the new arrangements of the farm since Snowball was banished off the farm. Squealer’s main objectives in his speech to the animals of the farm is to give good reasons why Napoleon drove Snowball out of the farm, to put down Snowball as much as possible, and to make all the animals want to be commanded and cared for by Napoleon. One of the ways Squealer brings up Napoleon’s status in the farm is by saying he has taken on more responsibility for himself.

Squealer then goes on to says “Comrades, I trust that every animal here appreciates the sacrifice that Comrade Napoleon has made in taking this extra labor upon himself.Do not imagine, Comrade, that leadership! Is pleasure! On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon, that all animals are equal” (Orwell 59). He then puts down Snowball to make the animals see Napoleon’s side even more.

Once again Squealer uses the argument of Jones coming back and once again this argument is unanswerable for the animals of the farm. Then he goes on to say that Napoleon is always right and Boxer adopts this as one of his maxims.Squealer’s speaking ability is his primary talent he uses.

Squealer’s great skills with manipulating words are put to the test when some of the animals start to rebel against Napoleon. In this example he tells the other animals that Snowball was teamed up with Jones to try to recapture the farm from the animals to take the rebelling out of there minds. In this particular example one of the animals says in Snowball’s defense that he fought with courage in the battle of the Cowshed, and that everyone saw him with blood seeping out of him. Squealer replies to the animals by saying, “That was part of the arrangement! Jones’ shot only grazed him. I could show you this in his own writing, if you were able to read it.

The plot was for Snowball, at the critical moment, to give the signal for flight and leave the field for the enemy. And he very nearly succeeded-if it had not been for out heroic leader comrade Napoleon” (Orwell 80). Squealer recalls the battle of the Cowshed the way the pigs wanted it to be remembered, with as much detail of Napoleon saving the farm as possible. Although the animals don’t actually recall it that way they believed it because Squealer has remembered it in much more detail than the animals did. This is also an excellent example of Squealer manipulating the other animals on the farm. He also takes the animals’ lack of intelligence to his advantage whenever he can.

When Snowball was in change Squealer was living in his shadow.But when Napoleon came to power Squealer also shared the spotlight. Squealer wasn’t being used to his full potential under Snowball, but when Snowball had gone, Napoleon took advantage of all his talents good and bad, especially his persuasive speaking ability. This is a good example of him always being a follower and never a leader. Although Squealer is a good persuasive speaker, he’s also a back stabbing liar. When explaining the death of Boxer to the other animals Squealer combines his persuasive speaking talent, his acting ability, and also his cunning all together to work as one great force. He tells the animals that Boxer died in a veterinary hospital.

Every animal on the farm knew that Squealer was lying and Boxer was really taken to the slaughterhouse. Squealer tells the animals that he was at Boxer’s deathbed and his last words were “Long live Animal Farm, Long live Comrade Napoleon, Napoleon was always right” (Orwell 115). After Squealer says that, his demeanor suddenly changes. Squealer obviously knew that they weren’t buying his story this time. It might have been because almost all of them could read “Horse Slaughterer” on the side of the van. But to help himself out Squealer used his cunning to wiggle his way out of this by saying that the knockers had previously owned the van, and the veterinary surgeon that had brought the van did not have the time to paint over it yet.Squealer had now won over the less bright animals and he left the bright animals to think want they wanted to think. This was wise of him to talk to the animals about Boxer because he knew that if they brought the subject up in front of Napoleon, he would simply set his dogs on them and they would be executed.

Squealer is a manipulative, clever pig who could persuade purple to turn into green. He’s a follower who obeys whoever is in charge. His importance increases under the reign of Napoleon because he was then able to express his great characteristics of his persuasive speaking, manipulating words, craftiness and acting ability.Squealer’s sly style unconditionally makes him an important character in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Bibliography Work Cited Hammond, J.R.

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Animal Farm

Animal Farm As I read the book Animal Farm, I have came to see that the story Animal Farm is a metaphor for the life in the USSR. We see how Animal Farm takes on personalities of social and political figures from the USSR. They relate to the social and political life of The USSR in how they act and live. All the animals have a personality that emulates personality from the Russian Revolution. They plan to take over and make all things equal, by this they hope to give the power to the animals that represent the people of The USSR.Animal Farm has many of its characters take on the characteristics of The Russian Revolution.

In so Mr. Jones is compared to Czar Nicholas II . Mr. Jones is the farmer in animal farm who is irresponsible in the treating of the animals, in a way that he will let them starve and leave them in neglect.Sometimes Mr. Jones cruel acts are so terrible that it is cruel to imply them. He has stooped to the point where he would whip the animals for no reason.

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Although he is so irresponsible and cruel he actually tries to make up for it by mixing milk with the animals food. In so we compare Mr. Jones to Czar Nicholas II.Just as Mr.

Jones Czar Nicholas II is a poor leader overhis land and people as Mr. Jones is to his farm and animals. Sometimes Czar Nicholas II is compared to Western Kings in his acts. The both of them Czar Nicholas II and Mr.Jones are brutal with their opponents and punished unjustly. As a cheep act of kindness Czar Nicholas II would hire students as spies to make money. In so he would use the information he learned to ponishe and eliminated his threats and oppositions.

In the Russian revolution Karl Marx had invented communist ways and its party. His plan was to have all the workers of the world unite.His plan for the workers was to have them take over the government.

To the misfortune of his death he had not seen his dream come true. He had died before the Russian Revolution had taken place. Although he didn’t live to see the end of it he did instill important foundation for which to build on. Like Karl Marx Old Major was a leader.He had been teaching the animals of the farm animalism (in comparison to communism). His main words were to workers do the work, rich keep the money, and the animals revolt. This was the same thought that Karl Marx had but in regards it the animals and not the USSR.

Also Like Karl Marx he dies before the revolution happens. There were successors of those that came before, Leon Trotsky was one of those people that was great and had lead the October revolution that was a great step for the Russian Revolution.Leon Trotsky was one of the followers of the idea who had followed Marx.

His ideas of communism were to improve live for all of Russia. The way it was intendment. Unfortunately he had been chased away by Lenin’s KGB (secret police). Snowball is just like Leon Trotsky in the fact that he too was chased away.

Snowball was young, smart, a good speaker, and an idealistic. His main goal is to make life better for all. He was also one of the leaders in the revolution like Leon. As I have explained as well as compared and contrasted the paragraphs, all the characters have an emulation of another character in the Russian Revolution or in the Farm from Animal Farm. Also from this we can see how communism and characters are created.

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Animal Farm

Animal FarmAnimal Farm Introduction “Animal Farm” is a symbolical political satire in which animals take the place of humans. These animals can talk and are just as intelligent as humans. They learn to read and each type of animal a different aspect of humanity.

(Ex.: Pigs- Politicians; Horses- Laborers; Sheep- Gullible People; etc. ) This book shows how a government that is set up to serve the people turns against them, just like communism did to the Russian people. Animalism symbolizes communism and the characters symbolize Russian leaders and people of importance. This is a tale with no happy ending.CharactersThe PigsThey symbolize politicians in a stereotypical sense. Some of them lie, cheat, and steal from the animals they are supposed to serve. They make promises that are never kept.

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Propaganda is spread to the animals they are supposed to represent. Old MajorHe is a pig who is very old. He has seen the lifestyle the animals live and is dissatisfied with it. He creates a government ideology called animalism which represents communism. He is the Karl Marx of this world.NapoleonHe is a large, fierce looking Berkshire boar, who is not much of a talker.

He uses animalism only to increase his power and the dogs to terrorize the other animals. Napoleon symbolizes the dictator Joseph Stalin in this world.SnowballHe is a pig that fights with Napoleon over the power on the farm. He is a very energetic, eloquent speaking, brilliant leader who organizes the defense of the farm. Napoleons jealousness of him makes him try to kill Snowball. Snowball flees the area and every misfortune in Animal Farm after that is blamed on him. He represents Leon Trotsky in this story.SquealorHe is a short, fat, twinkle eyed pig who is a brilliant talker.

He justifies the horrible actions of Napoleon and most of the animals buy into it. He has a sly, persuasive air to him. This is why he is head of Napoleons propaganda plan.

BoxerHe is a large, very powerful horse who is not too bright. He buys into animalism and works the hardest on the farm. He saves the farm on multiple occasions and declared a national hero.

After he gets too sick to work Napoleon secretly sells him to a glue factory. Boxer symbolizes the hard working Russian class that Stalin abused for his own benefit.MollieShe is a mare who abandons Animal Farm for sugar and ribbons at the human inn. She represents the nobles of Russia that abandoned the people after the Russian Revolution.The DogsThese animals are the military force and secret police of this totalitarian government.

They were trained at birth to be completely loyal to Napoleon. They are Animalism only true physical force and without them the pigs would be powerless.The SheepThese animals are totally gullible. They will believe whatever they are told and repeat it. Their role in this communist society is self explanatory.Farmer JonesHe is a human who is drunk and neglects the farm.

He is later thrown out of the farm at the Animal Revolution. Humans in this story represent cruelty and evil.SettingThis story takes place in England in the countryside on a farm. The name says basically where it is; On a Animal Farm.

PlotAfter decades of the animals being supp…

..ressed they have a meeting in the barn. Mr.

Jones, the drunken human owner of the farm, is sleeping soundly in his bed. The oldest animal there, Old Major who is a pig, talks of their submissive existence in which man uses their labor for his benefit while abusing them. He next talks about Animalism, a government in which Animals rule themselves without humans for the benefit of animals. The old pig dies shortly after.

The animals begin a revolution in which Mr. Jones is forcibly banished from the farm. The pigs learn to read and write very quickly. They write commandments for all animals to follow and for the good of all animals.

The commandments are:1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. 2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

3. No animal shall wear clothes. 4. No animal shall sleep in a bed. 5. No animal shall drink alcohol.

6. No animal shall kill any other animal. 7. All animals are equal.

The pigs organize the animals to run the farm. The animals do very well in running the farm. Snowball organizes the animals and creates a defensive force in case Mr. Jones returns.

Napoleon finds two litters of puppies and takes them away to be trained for his own purposes. He trains them to be loyal without question and for his own secret police. Mr. Jones tries to retake the farm, but Snowballs clever defense fights off Mr. Jones. The growing conflict between Snowball and Napoleon builds up when Snowball proposes that a windmill be built. Napoleon gets agitated with Snowball and sics the dogs on him.

Snowball just barely escapes and goes into hiding. Napoleon orders that all debates be done only between the pigs. He uses the dogs to enforce his orders through terrorization. Apples go missing along with the milk. Animals are now working with little food.

Squealor then explains that the pigs need the apples and milk for their brainwork. Squealor begins other propaganda and most of the animals buy into it. Napoleon decides that a windmill should be built after all. After half completing it a tornado blows it down. Napoleon blames it on Snowball. The pigs become more like people and start to slowly change the commandments to justify their actions. The pigs create a final commandment:All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

As one animal looks into Mr. Jones house he sees Napoleon playing poker with a human. The two are calling each other cheaters. The animal looks back and forth and each of them and can not tell which is which because Napoleon has become just like one of them.

…. a human.ThemeThe theme of this book is “rebellion.

” Just because you rebel against a force you believe that is oppressing you does not mean that if you succeed you will be better off. There are many bumps along the road and you could become what you initially rebelled against.My ThoughtsI enjoyed this book tremendously because it showed the problems with communism very clearly.

The government may have been set up to serve the animals, but when a corrupt leader came along he pressed the animals into basically slavery for his own power and glory. The government then served the ruling class not the rest. This book shows the true nature of a totalitarian government.


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