An Exciting Season

Winter is my favorite season for a variety of reasons. First, I love when snowdrifts pile up high and deep. Second, when it does snow, I can make snowmen; build forts, and bomb people with snowballs. In winter, I hear Christmas caroling and jingle bells ringing.
When the snow drifts up high and deep, school will be canceled and I will have more time to play. Also, my mom will enjoy it more because she can be at home and not work because of the drifts.
Also, in the winter I hear Christmas caroling around the courtyard. The jingle bells are ringing and telling me I better hurry and catch my ride. The I hear paper ripping of the presents and children shouting for joy when they get what they wanted.

Last but not least, when winter comes that means St. Nick will be here and he has something for me. Then on Dec. 31, I will hear paper ripping and that mean its my birthday.

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For all of these reasons, I hope you favorite season will be winter, trust me, its a lot of enjoyment for all ages.