American Government

The first part of my paper is about the Republican party. Republican control the U.S.

Senate, U.S. House, and many key Governorships, including New York and Texas. But the have
lost the last two Presidential elections.

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Most Republicans usually fall into several different categories: the traditional conservatives, the
religious right, the Nixon/Rockefeller centrist wing, and libertarians. There are also some that
fall into categories that are basically in between these, but most Republicans will usually fall into
The Republican candidate for President this year is George W. Bush Jr. The first presidential
debate was held last Tuesday, and Bush was considered by some to be the clear winner. It has
been said that Bush demonstrated his superior leadership skills, and offered a clear and sharp
philosophical distinction between himself and his opponent Al Gore. Governor Bushs goal is to
return power and responsibility to the American people.

My second part is about Americas Party. It is a very small party, founded in 1999 by
evangelist and 2000 Presidential hopeful Joe Bellis. It is a very social conservative group. Their
main goal is stated in these three simple lines: Less government is better government.
Government should not exist only to see how much money it can get out of you. Your elected
representatives should represent you and must be honest, moral and full of integrity. The last
line of this statement helps to support their Religious Rights agenda.
After Joe Bellis went nearly a year on the campaign trail, he decided to withdraw from the
race and support Reform party candidate for president Pat Buchanan in July of 2000. The party
has considered nominating another candidate for the 2000 election, but no decision has been made
This has been my paper about the Republican and Americas parties. I hope you found it