America At The Turn Of The Century

America at the Turn of the Century America at the Turn of the Century As America approaches the twenty-first century we are faced with many challenges as a country. The United States has a very strong country due to a few things that keep the country standing. The sufficient military has helped many other countries out of wars, the strong economy is the basis of the worlds economy, and the United States has a very advanced technology that has also helped rule the world today. These three things are so strong that there is not much that would bring them down.

But in each category there are many small weaknesses that could cause our country to collapse as a whole around the turn of the century.The political scandals have caused us to have a very low voter percentage, and therefore our democratic government is slowly coming to a halt. The gap between the rich and the poor is disturbing the financial status of the country. There is a big increase in school violence that is scaring many parents in this nation.

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If this isnt stopped the free education aspect of our country will not be offered in the future. Therefore, many historians believe that these few weaknesses could make a fairly self sufficient country fall.President Clinton is a perfect example for the political scandals of our country. In January of 1997 it was announced to the country that President Clinton allegedly had an affair with one of the interns at the White House.

Over the period of the next few months President Clinton not only denied the whole thing, then made another statement that he actually did have an affair with the intern Monica Lewinsky. America is the only country that would prosecute this kind of thing. Most of the other countries laughed at us, while no politician was laughing.In fact when all these personal matters about President Clinton came about, he was in the middle of negotiating a peace treaty between Jordan and Israel , and the trails of President Clintons impeachment case interrupted the peace treaties, which was a major setback for Israel and Jordan. The scandals that President Clinton presented the country with an issue of trust.

The nation should not be expected to trust a president who lies to the country, and neither should the other nations for that matter. If we cant trust our governmental leaders how will we survive as a country? Although the personal aspects of the President do not affect the passing of bills and laws it does effect the public aspects of the democratic government that we have now. We have the lowest percentage of voting in the world, and if no one can trust the officials running, then that percentage could get even lower.This could cause our country to have a governmental problem in the future. We could even start electing people that wouldnt do the correct job and bring the United States into financial and governmental troubles and distraught times. If it ever did come to this the gap between the rich and the poor even larger than it already is. As the stock market rises and technology advances the rich seem to be getting richer and the poor seem to be getting poorer. The country doesnt seem to be doing much about this problem.

It is almost at the point where we are not going to be able to fix the gap that is there already. All the poor population needs is a chance to get ahead without opportunities taken away from them. Many historians believe that if the poor dont get this chance by the end of the twentieth century, or even by the end of the twenty-first century there is going to be no chance for them to catch up, or even stop themselves from getting poorer. Some investment bankers believe that there is going to be a steady decline of stocks to a bear market, which would not only effect the rich, but the poor as well. Together as a country we would all get poorer.Therefore it is important for the poor population to gain some wealth. This could cause a financial problem for the United States as a whole.

If that were to happen then our military system would not work. Our system is based upon the financial status of the country. They have funds to go into other countries and “bail” them out of jams.This would not be possible if we didnt have any money. Another gap between the rich and the poor is the differences between medi-care and medi-caid. If a rich person and a poor person both go to the hospital for the same problem odds are that the rich person is going to get the better treatment because they have money. Although this is not ethically right, it is the only way it can be, according to the insurance companies. Medi-caid offers health care to the poor who cant afford the medical bills.

Medi-care offers health care to the old, who cant afford the medical bills.Even now, the costs of the medical bills are going up so much that many times hospitals dont even accept the patient if they have medi-care or medi-caid. Things like medial care changes the way people are looked at. A lot of times there is no way of telling whether a person is rich or poor.

That is causing a lot of troubles with school violence. In Littleton, Colorado last spring a child walked into his school and opened fire on his classmates killing thirteen.He was aiming for a certain group of kids, the rich and the jocks. This was because he didnt have all the things they had. There is no way to distinguish the differences between the poor kid that has a problem and the rich kid that doesnt or visa versa.

The countrys education system should be able to recognize the differences no matter what the problem is. And we should not accept the fact that this kid got away with what he did.We should look harder into each student rather than at the population as a whole. It is not just students who are committing the crimes, but they seem to be the victims. This past summer a man walked into a California daycare center and opened fire. This should not be allowed.

In the past ten years not only has there been an increase in school violence, but there has also been an increase in terrorism.These random outbursts of violence need to stop before the end of the century or we are going to be faced with serious problems as a country. We could have serious chaos and need the military.

But that shouldnt happen if the country is under control. In conclusion there are many weaknesses of our country that could make our countrys strengths weaker, and as a country we would become a weaker country as a result. The economy might become weaker, as will the military and the technology of the country.As for the future, who only knows what it holds for the United States as a country. One might think that there are going to be hard times ahead, not only for the rich, but for the poor as well. And not only for the government or the military, but for the economy as well.

We will just have to wait and see.