AloneBy Lisa GardnerAlone, by Lisa Gardner, is a story about a police sniper, Bobby, who was called to a hostage situation and ends up taking actions he will later regret.

What you see at first glance is not always what it really is. Bobby thought he saw one thing happening in the house on that night, but the truth was something he could never imagine. In November 1998 Catherine Gagnon had reached her final string. Lives were about to change with just the pull of a trigger.

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Bobby didnt know that when he pulled that trigger he was going to be pulled into a whole tangle of lies and secrets. Bobby and Catherines lives are about to collide and become their worst nightmare.Bobby Dodge had been out for another night on the job when they got the call from Catherine Gagnon. Bobby was a very well respected member of the Massachusetts State Police Special Tactics and Operations (STOP) Team for six years. He was good at his job and this call was just another routine night for him, or so he thought. Catherine Gagnon had a very disturbing childhood. She was kidnapped and kept in a man-made four-by-six prison built just for her.

She stayed in the silence and in the dark for twenty-eight days wondering when her keeper would come back and she would be tossed around and played with like a rag doll. She was rescued on November 18, by hunters, and was dubbed the Thanksgiving Miracle. Catherine grew up but keeping this deep secret with her all along. She married Jimmy Gagnon, the son of a very powerful judge in Boston. Their marriage had not been all it was made out to be. When Bobby arrived at their house it appeared that Jimmy had been holding Catherine and their son, Nathan, hostage in their house and had a gun.

Bobby was good at his job; he saw the signs of danger and fired. The threat was over. But for Bobby, the trouble was just beginning. Judge Gagnon was not very happy with the news of his son being shot and was going to try to press charges on Bobby for murder. He did not like his daughter-in-law and was convinced she was hurting his grandchild, Nathan. Nathan always seemed to be sick.

Bobby had no idea who he was shooting when he pulled that trigger, he just knew he was saving a life. The plot thickens when it turns out Bobby had met Catherine years ago. Catherine calls Bobby and they are in contact during the whole mess. She is desperate for help and turns to Bobby to find it. During everything that is already going on, Catherines captor from her childhood, Mr.

Bosu, is let out of prison and walks back into her life. Everyone closely associated with Catherine are suspiciously killed. She is afraid she will lose her son to her in-laws and everyone that has been helping is now gone. She is now lost and alone, once again. All the mysterious lies and secrets unfold. Catherine was not hurting her child at all. There was a disease in the family passed down from the Judge and his wife that was very rare and hard for doctors to diagnose. It was a disease with the genes, but finally a doctor finds the truth and Catherine at ease finally knows why her son is always sick.

It all comes to a close with Bobby, Catherine, Nathan, Judge Gagnon and his wife, and the famous Mr. Bosu in a hotel for the end of it all. Mr.

Bosu had been hired by Judge Gagnon to kill the people that were helping Catherine, but he wasnt satisfied with that. He wanted Catherine, and now he had her in his sight. But Catherine will not give up that easily.

Mr. Bosu was killed, along with Judge Gagnon. As it turns out Bobby did nothing wrong. He had saved two lives on that night in November. It was all over now and he was free to move on with his life.

Catherine moved away, leaving Bobby alone, and went on with her life also.I highly recommend this book. It is a book of mysteries and secrets you would never guess. It keeps you wanting to read more, wondering what will happen next. The way the story unfolds is so unexpected. It shows you that things arent always what they seem to be at first glance, and one step you think is just routine and normal could change your life forever.

It teaches you about trusting your instincts, and to be careful how deeply you get involved in situations. I think this book was very well written and very interesting. You have to have an interest for police work and mystery. I would very highly recommend, Alone.