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ALL THE NEWS THAT FIT TO PRINT!!! THE VERONA TIMES The Banishment of Romeo Today the young Montegue, Romeo killed Tybalt from the family of the Capulets. The Prince had said a few days ago that if these two families were to ever disturb the peace again, the person who did it would pay for it with their life. People say that Romeo did nothing wrong because right before Romeo killed Tybalt, Tybalt had killed some one from the house of Montegues. He did what the law would have done so why is it his fault? Well the Prince had to keep his word, therefor if Romeo is ever seen in Verona again he will be immediately executed. The fight had begun a while back when the Capulets had a party at their house and Romeo and Benvolio went without being invited.

This is where Tybalt recognized Romeo. Some of our sources say that Tybalt wanted to fight Romeo right then and Capulet stopped him, but this is not yet confirmed. TODAYS WEATHER: PARTLY SUNNY CHANCE OF RAIN 45% Romeo has been previously challenged by Tybalt but did not accept this challenge. This is the reason why this whole situation kept escalating. We believe the reason that Romeo did not accept the challenge earlier was because there is something going on between Juliet and Romeo. That is the only thing that we see can be it because Romeo never before backed down from a challenge and I dont think that he was scared of Tybalt.

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Today they finally met up at Verona beach. That was the location where all the blood was spread. The first one to go was Mercutio when he challenged Tybalt to a fight. As they were fighting Romeo showed up on the scene and tried to prevent them from fighting, but while doing this he accidentally moved Mercutios sword thus leaving the open area for Tybalt to strike. That was the first fatal blow. The second one was delivered by Romeo to Tybalt.

This was because Romeo was upset that Tybalt killed someone from his house and had to get revenge for his family. So without actually wanting to fight him in the first place he killed him instead. The Prince has now said that Romeo is banished from all of Verona and he was never to set foot on Verona grounds again. That is my article on the fight that took place today at Verona beach. We all wish Romeo luck I hope that we will get a chance to talk.

The Mourning of the death of Tybalt. Today the scene of a horrible crime was Verona beach. There one of the kinsmen of the Great Capulet family was killed by Romeo Montegue. These families on going fights have upset many people. It seems that the Prince has no control and cannot stop it.

The whole Capulet family is in mourning over this great loss in their family. Lady Capulet blames no one other than Romeo. Some one suggested to her that Romeo did what the law would have done sooner or later because Tybalt killed Mercutio. At that time witnesses say that she changed around the story and convince the Prince that the Montegue family started it. Poor Juliet has locked herself in her room and is crying all day and night because of the death of her dear kinsman Tybalt.

This poor young girl, someone must explain to her that things like this happen and with the attitude her kinsman had it was going to happen sooner or later. If it was not Romeo it would have been someone else!.