Alice Walker The Color Purple

.. Shug had gotten married to a man named Grady, they talk about Celies life. She tells Shug that Mr. come git me to take care his rotten children. He never ast me nothing bout myself. He clam on top of me and *censored* and *censored*, even when my head bandaged.

Nobody ever love me. (117) Shug replies I love you, Miss Celie. And then she haul off and kiss me on the mouth.(118) With Shug on her side, and making her feel that she is worth something besides being a servant for everyone but herself, she finally starts to get some self worth. The breaking point is after years of not having any contact with her sister Nettie (she had run away after her father tried to get her, too, and ended up living with Celie for a short time until Mr. tried the same thing), she finds all of the letters that Nettie had written her since she had gone.

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Mr. had told her that she would never hear from Nettie again, and every time another letter would come for Celie, he would hide it in a strongbox upstairs, and not tell her about it. One day, Shug tells her to come with her after shed gotten the key for the box, and they find .. way down under his tobacco, Netties letters. Bunches and bunches of them.

Some fat, some thin. Some open, some not. (129) Many years worth of letters, in which Celie finds out that Nettie became a missionary in Africa, and she has been watching over the children that Celie had years before, Adam and Olivia. She is also thrilled to find out that her children are ok, and that it wasnt her father that had raped her when she was a teenager, but her stepfather, so her children wont be dunces as shes been told that children of incest are. When she knows that Nettie is still alive, her attitude changes a little more. She writes one letter to God saying Now I know Nettie alive I begin to strut a little bit.

Think, When she come home us leave here. Her and me and our two children. (154) She finally gets the courage to stand up for herself one day when Shug says that she and Grady are going to leave for Memphis, and then says that Celie is going with them. Mr. starts to protest, saying Over my dead body (206), but Celie finally tells him off, calling him a lowdown dog and informing him your dead body just the welcome mat I need.

(207) She tells him You took my sister Nettie away from me. and she was the only person love me in the world. (207) Celie ends up going with Shug to Memphis, living in her house with her, and starting her own business, finally finding some happiness. She waits for her sister to come back and be reunited with her, and wants to see her children again, too. While she is making a life for herself there, she finds out that she has been left a house with a storefront when her stepfather died.

It belonged to her real father, and after her mother died, her stepfather didnt say anything and kept it to himself. Now that he was gone, it came back to her and Nettie. She sets up her business there, sewing and selling clothing, and waiting for her sister to come home with her children. Celie has finally gotten her confidence and her independence when Sophia tells her about a change in Mr. after she left him. She says one day that I know you wont believe this, Miss Celie, but Mr.

act like he trying to git religion. (229) When Celie talks to him next, he is more civilized to her than he has ever been up to that point. They make some conversation and eventually get to talking about things (especially Shug, whod run off with someone else to New Orleans for a last fling). After they talk a few times, Celie gets along with him better, and even gets around to using his name, calling him Albert, instead of Mr. .

She notices the change in him and his attitude towards women, and one conversation helps her learn why. They are talking about Shug, and Albert tells Celie how she stood up to him one time. She say Albert, you been mistreating somebody I love. So as far as you concern, Im gone.(277) Albert and Celie have quite a few conversations where they get to know each other better than they probably ever had, talking about religion, kids, and going over things that happened in their past. He seems to be remorseful about the way he had treated her, and apologizes for beating her just because she wasnt Shug.

Celie teaches him to stitch clothing, and he starts to enjoy it. Took me long enough to notice you such good company (283) he tells her, and she says He aint Shug, but he begin to be somebody I can talk to. (283) After years of not seeing her sister, and then years of using the letters to God and then to Nettie as a sort of lifeline, Celies life was finally getting in order. She finds that she can be happy and content having her own life, without being treated like a doormat by others. She is finally truly happy with her life and the way it is going, except for one thing. Her life is complete when, after years of wondering about her sister, and then years of waiting, Nettie finally comes home, bringing their children, and Adams wife from Africa.

As Celie puts it, I feel a little peculiar around the children. For one thing, they grown. And I see they think me and Nettie and Shug and Albert and Samuel and Harpo and Sophia and Jack and Odessa real old and dont know much what going on. But I dont think us feel old at all. And us so happy.

Matter of fact, I think this the youngest us ever felt.(295) With her long lost sister, and her kids reunited with her after so much time, there really wouldnt be any other way to feel besides young again, except for maybe an urge to make up for lost time. Now that shes being treated like she should be, it should be easier to make up the time to her family, because she can be herself, and be happy about it. Thats saying a lot after all shes been through, and Celie will surely make the best of her from this point on. Films and Cinema.