AlcoholismThe word alcoholic means anyone who is affected by drinking, and seriously influences or interferes with his/her work, family, or health. Alcoholism is disease, and as such is one of the three worst killer diseases. When someone becomes a alcoholic his/her spouse is usually one of the last people to know about it. Once you become a alcoholic it can not be cured.

In the United States Of America fifty percent of boys drink alcohol at least once a week, also seventy percent of adults drink alcohol. Young people usually drink more heavily than adults. Alcoholics drink so much alcohol that their liver may not burn off the alcohol as good as it should so it stays in their bloodstream longer. Drinking alcohol while you are pregnant even in small amounts can harm your child. The most common symptom from this is reducing the childs weight and making it easier for the child to become sick. Drinking alcohol even after you have your child and are breast feeding it the alcohol can go through the milk and into your child.

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One way to tell you might be developing a drinking problem is if you finish your drink way faster than your friends, another way to tell is if you like to drink alone a lot. Psychology