Aids In The Workplace

Aids In The Workplace There are many employers that have learned about fair and equitable treatment of AIDS infected employees the hard way, through the court system. Its not surprising that employers have violated employee human rights or equal employment regulations in dealing with HIV infected personnel in the workplace. The fear of a deadly transmitted disease some call homosexual influenced, has people overreacting and ostracizing the infected worker. Employers as well as the general public must get educated about this virus. This AIDS virus will continue to affect the workplace at a greater pace unless a cure is discovered.

“The pool of infected people of working age is already so large that virtually every company will be affected”. Employers must establish a strategic plan to deal effectively with this disease. This plan should include training managers and supervisors on how to deal with disclosure and medical confidentiality. Information about AIDS including the protection and transmission of the virus should be included in the program. This program should also be offered to the employees and their families. This is the only effective vaccine for this disease.

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A decision must be made to either lead like Levi Strauss or fight every employee who is infected by the AIDS virus. The latter would incur excessive costs and loss of potential valuable employees. Music Essays.