Agents of Socialization: ?How They Effect Life?

There are four major agents of socialization in the life of many people today. Those major agents are family, school, peers, and mass media.

There are also two other agents called religion and workplace. Many people today live on the guidelines of these elements. Family is one of the most important agents of socialization. Having a family gives a person certain needs such love and nurture. Seeing that certain needs are made helps a child social, physical, and emotional growth for the society. The role of a parent is very important to influence the child’s development of all the other agents,The school and peer agent is also important because it helps a child learn social, friendship, loyalty, values, and patriotism skills with other peers.

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I think these two agents are very similar due to the fact when you go to school and get peers and this is where you learn about peer pressure at school and many other places. Learning to be social could be very hard on certain kids who don’t have a family that didn’t help them met some of their needs as a toddler or as a young adult.Having the mass media as one of our major agents of socialization could be very hard on our society today. When watching different TV shows seeing all those actors and actresses with these great figures hurt many people in the society today.

In other ways watching TV could be a good thing when an actor or actress is on TV in different shows or music it could bring many good things like being a role model for an adolescent teenager who wants someone to looks up too.Having these agents are a great guideline for people who want to start with a great start with their children or wants to be a good communcator.