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Do you have legs, eyes, and a mouth?
Can you walk, see, and loudly shout?
Do you have a nose in order to breathe?
And do you have teeth in order to eat?
Do you have hands and fingers to touch
All of the things that you love so much?
If you have all of the above are we really different?
I can feel pain and hurt and can even have fun
I have emotions, feelings, ideas.
It might take me longer to process, but what others say I can hear
It may take me longer to understand
Yet I have problems just like other humans
Are we really different?
I sometimes can’t see my way
It’s as dark as night when it has just turned day
Sometimes I can’t hear, although you are next to me
And I might not look the way you expect I should be
Some days I can’t walk, I ride in a wheelchair
I often wear a wig so my head is not bare.
I go to a special person who helps heal my pains
Everyone needs help, everyone’s the same
Are we really different?
Do you cry when someone hurts you inside?
And when someone praises you, don’t you feel pride?
Don’t you laugh at jokes and have fun with friends?
And don’t you wish good times would never end?
Don’t you like doing things that others do?
And don’t you smile when others compliment you?
Maybe I’m not all the same, but does it really show?
Are we really different?
I don’t think so!
The author of this essay was admitted to Stanford University.