Act 1

.. ook of Devotions and assumes that she is really reading. The prince asks her to pray for him. After some talking Ophelia says that she has received gifts from him but Hamlet pronounce that he never sent gifts and that he never loved her and questions her honesty. They end the conversation with Hamlet telling Ophelia to enter a nunnery.

After Hamlet leaves the King and Polonius join Ophelia. Claudius is somewhat convinced that the affliction is not because of love. The king thinks that the situation will not harm him the king is thinking of sending Hamlet to England. Polonius still fells that it is love that is problemming Hamlet however he endorses the Kings decision. Polonius then suggests that one more attempt to attain the secret Hamlet is hiding.

The queen is to talk to him alone. Act 3 Scene 2 In this scene the king is shown the play of the players. The play has been modified by Hamlet. During a certain scene having poison poured in his ear while asleep kills the king in the story. During the play Hamlet and Horatio watch the king very carefully, especially during the scene that has been modified.

The king reacts in such a way that the play is stopped. Hamlet is then informed that the queen wishes to speak with him. Act 3 Scene 3 Claudius instructs Rosencrantz and Guildenstren to go with Hamlet to England as soon as possible. Claudius is guilt stricken and identifies himself with Cain. He reveals many of his thoughts at this time to Polonius.

Hamlet enters with a drawn sword but retrains from killing Claudius. Hamlet is determined that Claudius dies in a state of sin. Act 3 Scene 4 Polonius has already gone to the to the Queens chamber and has hidden. A fight breaks out between Hamlet and his mother. Polonius is noticed and Hamlet Kills him with out knowing who it actually is .

The ghost then appears, but only to hamlet. Hamlet then speaks gently to his mother, and then expresses regret for the death. He wishes his mother a goodnight and says that he has to be cruel to be kind. And he removes to body of Polonius and again bids the queen a good night. Act IV Scene 1 During this scene Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dsmissed and the Queen express concern for Hamlet sying that he is mad. The king charges himself with being derelict for not restraining Hamlet earlier he wonders how he will be able to explain Polonius death to the subjects. The king states that he must be sent away to England, and he calls Guildenstern. Act IV Scene 2 Hamlet, adopting the same ironic and riddling style discourse which he used before, refuses to tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern where the body of polonius is.

But he agrees to go with them to see the King. Act IV Scene 3 Addressing a small group of Cortiers, Claudius states that he has sent for Hamlet, Who must be confined, despite his dangerous lunacy. The king calls to Guildenstern to bring in the prince. While being questioned, Hamlet answers the king very cynically and using evasion. Hamlet finally tellls where they can find the body.

After Hamlet has left the king order that guildenstern and Rosencrantz make sure that he is on a boat to England by tonight. Hamlet is to be put to death as soon as he arrives in England. Act IV Scene 4 Fortinbras leads his army across a plain in Denmark. He leaves a captain to greet Claudius and get approval for the march through Danich territory. Hamlet learns that that the fight is for a worthless piece of land .

Act IV Scene 5 A court of gentleman informs Gertrude that Ophelia seems to be out of her mind and in her pitiable state has become troublesome. Horatio points out that her wild discourse may arouse suspicion. Claudius then joins in on a conversation with ophelia and the Queen. Claudius addresses her graciously but recieves no rational reply. He is convienced that her fathers death has driven her mad.

At night Laertes has brought a mob to the castle. They are about to break in. Claudis talks to Laertes and makes him believe that he will join him in punishing the murder. Act IV Scene 6 Horatio recieves a letter and learns that the ship that hamlet was on was attacked by pirates. Hamlet was made captive and the ship is bringing Hamlet back to Denmark.

Act IV Scene 7 The King has told Laertes that Hamlet Killed Polonius and sought to kill the king. When Laertes asks the king why he did not punish the prince while he had a chance the king responds with two answers one being his mother and two being the support of the people would be lost. Then the messenger comes in and gives the king and the queen the letters. This is when they find out that Hamlet is back in Denmark and the King immediately figures a way to kill Hamlet. The King is going to arrange a fencing match in which Hamlet will be killed during.

Gertrude then enters and informs Laerts that his sister has drowned while hanging garlands on a willow tree. Act V Scene 1 The scene starts of with two gravediggers conversing about what type of funeral Ophelia should be given. Hamlet and Horatio and Hamlet questions the first gravedigger. The funeral prossession enters. Laertes complains that the priest was limited on the rites accordded his died sister. When Ophelias body is lowered, the Queen strews the coffin with flowers and speaks touchingly of her defeated hope the Ophelia and Hamlet to marry. Laertes then leaps into the grave ontop of the coffin.

Hamlet then comes out from the shadows and also jumps into the grave and laertes attcks Hamlet. Hamlet declars that he loved Ophelia more the her brother ever did. Act V Scene 2 Hamlet now has time to talk to Horatio all that he experienced on the travel to England. He explains that he found the instructions to have Hamlet killed when he arrived in England. Hamlet then changes the instructions so that Rosencrantz and guildenstern are to be killed.

Horatio then points out that the king will soon find out that they were killed. Later Hamlet is challenged to a duel that is to take place in front of the Queen, King and the entire court. Horatio warns Hamlet that he will lose the wager. The adience then enters to watch the duel. They are given the swords and begin the match. Hamlet gets the first hit and Claudius calls for the cup of wine for the prince to drink, but Hamlet refuses to drink until the match is over. Gerttrude then picks up the cup as the match continues and drinks from Hamlets cup. Hamlet is eventually injured and in the scuffle the rapiers are exchanged by mistake.

Laertes is then hit and is bleeding while the Queen colapses. Hamlet then calls for the doors to be looked that the treachery be exposed to the assembled members of the court. Laertes then speaks up andstates that not only he but also Hamlet is near death. He then declares that the Queen has been poisoned and that the author of all this destruction os Claudius. Hamlet then tells Horatio to report everything that has happened. Fortibras then enter with the English ambassadors and all are shocked.

Horatio then speaks of what has happened. Hamlet has declared Fortibras the king of Denmark. Fortibras then orders four captains to see that Hamlet is accorded full honors, including “soldiers” music and rites of war.