According to youths today, body art is the ultimat

e form of expression. The most popular form of body art right now is body piercing. Body-piercing is a non-permanent way to express yourself and is getting more and ore extravagant every day. Anywhere on your body that has loose skin is a perfectly good place to pierce such as the lip, navel, genetalia, nose, eyebrows, armpit, and nipple. Today, I would like to focus on piercing your tongue.For some unknown reason, the tongue has become one of the most popular body-pierceing During an unofficial survey which I conducted one night at work, during a four-hour period, 17 of the people I waited on had their tongues pierced. Many other people told me they were planning on getting it done.

Many steps and consideration should be taken before getting the piercing done. First: find an acredited, professional, licensed piercer. Piercings should not be done by friends, or people that are willing to do it cheap. Piercings usually cost what they do because of the cost of getting it done safely.The Most important thing to look for when walking into a piercing shop, for the first time, is cleanliness. If a place isn’t clean walk away. Next, ask to see the shop’s autoclaves.

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These are the machines that sterelize all of the equipment that will be used during the piercing. Ask to see all experation dates. Every piece of equipment that will be used, has an packaging date. Ask to see this and be sure that it has not been stored for over a year.Make sure the work area has no needles which have been previously used laying around.After settling on a place to get your tongue pierced, consider what could happen.

First and foremost, Hepetitis B and HIV are spread through the usage of dirty needles. Be sure to watch the piercer open any needles in front of you so you can be sure they are new. Also, if a piercer does not wear latex gloves, don’t let them touch you.Piercing your tongue also has many side effects. As you know, your mouth is full of all kinds of nasty bacteria from food and anything else you put in it.

This bacteria gets into the hole and keeps on reproducing due to the high temperature in your mouth, this brings on some very nasty infections which can result in the loss of taste buds, and even worse, your tongue period. Most dentists are highly against tongue piercings due to the amount of damage it does to your teeth. First of all, the bar-bell wears off all of the enamel on the back of the teeth. Second of all, while eating, the bar-bell can very easily be bitten down upon causing chipped teeth.

In the case of a 19-year old woman who like most people, played with her bar-bell absentmindedly, she accidentally bit down on it so hard that sh chipped off a piece of one of her molars. Her dentist said that if the fracture had gone down into the pulp, she would have needed a root canal and might have lost the tooth altogether. There is also a very great risk of choking. Most tongue jewelry consists of two parts that are screwed together. But, what’s screwed together can, and often does come apart.

One night, a 17- year old boy who had his tongue pierced inhaled the bottom half after it had come undone, and it fell into his throat. Doctors said that if the bar-bell would have asporated into his lungs, permanent damage would have been done. Right after the tongue is pierced, it can sometimes swell to four-times it’s original size which can cause a person to unintentionally suffocate themselves. Before you decide to go ahead and pierce any part of your body, ,make sure you talk to people that have done it and see if they would do it again. Also, make sire you ask all necessary questions before you sit down in that chair, open up, and say AHHHHHH.