A Simple Proposal

Major League Baseball has probably some of the most exciting players in sports today. Players such as Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter make watching baseball fun. But there are some people in Major League Baseball that I have forgotten who display probably more talent than those 3 combined. The people that I am talking about, are the umpires.

You might be shocked when I say that but believe me, they are great athletes. Can you imagine working in the same conditions they do? To do this, you would need to be able to stand up to managers kicking dirt at you as well as dealing with players arguing at you for calls you have made that should have no controversy over.
Working an entire season does wear down an umpire. Just think of the torture they go through. They work 6 months of the year, about 3-4 hours a day. Working a schedule like that takes its toll on an umpire’s body. At least they are rewarded for working such tough hours. They get the other 6 months off, get their travelling expenses paid for, and get paid at least $75,000 per year and that’s for rookie umpires. Since they have to travel every few days, they are always tired so they are rewarded by getting to sit in first class whenever they fly and when they land at their destination, they get to sleep at the best hotels.
It’s hard to believe why kids don’t want to be like umpires. It’s probably because all the kids don’t want to work that hectic of a schedule. Another good thing about being an umpire is that whenever you have a problem with the owners of baseball teams, you can always tell your union about it and then you can threaten the owners by saying you are resigning. When they hear the sound of that, they will do what ever you say; just look at what they did when the players’ union had some trouble.
It’s difficult to imagine why more people don’t want to be in this type of job. You get to get players’ autographs, have conversations with them while you’re on the field. But like before, the job wears you down more physically than mentally. With all they get for working, it’s hard to believe that it’s enough to satisfy them. The umpires deserve more money for their line of work. Watching them on television makes you think how can they deal with this. They should be paid more than the players should because they have to make the tough decisions during the game. As well as getting more exposure. When was the last time anybody saw a commercial for an umpire? They need the exposure. With the exposure and the added money that should be in their salaries, being an umpire would be pretty cool.

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