A Short Story With A Flash Back

.. have some food to take over to Wills please Ma? What for, I expect his mother has food at her house doesnt she? replied his mother. Yeah, but we were going to have a midnight dinner Bobby answered back That still doesnt stop her from providing you with food does it? His mother said looking sharply at him. Bobby looked away, grabbed his bag, and darted out the door, only to hear as he got to the gate his mothers voice again. Whats the big bag for, hasnt she got sheets either? Bobby pretended not to hear her and ran down the road towards the fields.

Night had fallen and Bobby found it hard to see in front of him, listening now and then for Ronald and Will to speak so that he could tell which way to go. He stopped briefly to listen for there voices and saw a light at the top of the trees. Yer late! Called a voice from within the trees. I know! He then replied, quickly scrambling into the bushes and through to the other side. Look what scaredy brought along! Shouted Will from the platform.

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A bloody lantern! Least itll keep us warm! said Bobby as he climbed up the tree to the platform. And Im going to have to scavenge some food from the veggie patch behind the timber mill. My ma didnt give me any food to take along Mine neither, Ronald told as he put up the lantern. I got a lousy supper too, its all that rationing rubbish thats going on! Well lets go get something then! Interrupted Will. All three of them cautiously wriggled down the tree and began to trudge over to the timber mill; Ronald held the lantern close to him at the front until they reached the large fence. After you! Will rambled through the fence first, getting his jumper caught on some of the fence wire.

Damn jumper! he cussed. The other two followed shortly. They all hustled quickly across the mill area, jumping over logs and planks, pretending to be soldiers fighting in Germany. They stopped for a while and continued playing; hiding in the wood sheds and jumping out on whoever they came across. Quits! Called Bobby from across the yard Im knackered! They all regrouped in the middle of the yard and collapsed in a heap, looking up at the stars. Have you ever wondered if well ever fly to the moon? Asked Ronald as he gazed across to the beaming white light in the sky.

Ive wondered, but I dont think we will. I dont reckon weve got enough petrol to get there. All three looked up at the moon as if were a mothering watch on them all, comforted by its warm glow. Something flew overhead covering up part of the noise, then another and another. Oh *censored*! Its the Germans! They all lay still, their blood turned cold with fear. They heard and huge bang from across the city, suddenly the feel of chaos filled the air, What the hell do we do? Shouted Ronald.

Bobby got up and began to run, get the hell out of here! Come on! They all began to run as fast as they could with desperation and fear across their faces. Ron, put out the damn lantern or theyll see us. Said Will looking back at him. Ronald kept running but at the same time was trying to turn down the lantern not knowing which way to turn it. Bobby quickly dived under the wire and through to the other side, looking back for Will and Ronald.

Will turned around to look for Ronald and saw a jumping lantern in the distance, Come on! Hurry or theyll see you Ron! A plane could be heard approaching. Ronald stopped to adjust the feed to the lantern, in his panic began frantically turning it the wrong way. He began muttering to himself; tears filled his eyes as he frantically tried to sort out the lantern, hearing the plane draw nearer. Leave the lantern! Just run! Yelled Bobby from behind the fence. Ronald began to run still holding the lantern. Drop it! Screamed Will as he began running to help Ronald, Just bloody drop it! Ronald looked back and could see a dark shadow approach in the skies, flying towards him; the other two saw it too. Ronald threw the Lantern behind him and began to yell at the top of his voice. The lantern crashed to the floor and let out a huge flame that covered part of the ground.

From the flames, you could see the underside of a monstrous bomber plane. Everything slowed to slow motion pace; Ronald kept running with tears flying from his face as he ran crying. The deep drone of the plane filled their ears. It was too much for Ronald to handle. He collapsed onto his knees and wept as the shadow got close to him. The explosions of the bombs could be heard approaching too.

Bobby looked across to see Ronald in a small ball on the floor. Then, in a huge explosion, the flames swallowed him. Will stood still with shock. He couldnt move he was so scared. Move, Will, move. Run.

Get away Will, run. Will! Will turned his body at the last minute and began to run towards the fence, a line of explosions chased him, getting closer and closer. Bobby saw the plane flying in his direction, ran, and jumped into a large ditch, curling up in a shaking, tight ball, trying to hide. Bang followed bang until finally he heard the monster fly overhead. He stayed there curled up tightly for a short while sobbing and shaking still.

After a long wait, he slowly picked himself up nervously and slowly walked over to the fence. He let out a huge scream, trying to say Will but he was so scared and shocked that he couldnt speak properly. He heard a noise from the fence. He began to trudge over, trying his best to run, dragging his feet. He stopped about 20 foot from the fence to observe through the smoke a body trapped under the fence. He ran over shaking even more but had to stop, as he got closer, he could hear muttering.

He looked hard. It was Will, shaking, crying. Bobby turned around and looked away, he could feel his stomach turning. He felt the hot flames on the timber mill on the back of his neck. He gagged and then collapsed on the floor to throw up.

He felt so weak and helpless, scared and confused. Will shouted and Bobby hauled himself to his feet and cautiously walked over, smoke began to fill his lungs. He coughed as the smoke got larger it began to cover him. He couldnt see well through it, so he outstretched his arms to feel for the fence. His fingers touched the fence and he looked towards Will.

Will hadnt attempted to move, his jumper burnt in places. Still coughing and finding it hard to breath, Bobby knelt down and rested a shaking hand on Will. He felt a burning sensation on his palm, he lifted his hand to see a piece of burning metal in Wills back. He swallowed hard, areareya Bobby swallowed again, still finding it hard to speak. OkOkay? Will coughed, finding it painful, II cantfeelmmhlegs! He coughed again, this time spluttering blood that had gathered in his mouth. II want my Ma! He yelled as loud as he could, and then began to cry again, face in the dirt. Bobby looked through the fence to see if Wills legs werent damaged at all, he couldnt see well but the smoke was beginning to blow away. A quick clearing of smoke made Bobby glance across.

His legs were gone; there was just a pool of blood where his legs would be. Bobby looked away and threw up in the grass again. He wiped his mouth clean and turned back to Will. Youllbeokokay! Bobby broke down with what he had said threw himself against the fence. No! No, no, no, no! he screamed.

Will lifted his head slightly and struggled to speak. Ill, beokayyeah? Yeah replied Bobby crying Hows Ron? Hes okay too! Bobby replied again as he put his head in his hands. There was a calming silence; all that could be heard is the faint drumming of the shells far away. Theyve all gone away now, Will said Bobby, trying to act as if everything was all right now. I feel so tired Will said without attempting to move his head. Tell me what the stars look like Bobby.

He paused for a while until finally looking up Theytheyre sparkly and magical He began to cry, With angelsinside them and- -I see those angels Bobby, I see them. Will began, One of them is talking to meits Ronny. Ronnys an angel Bobby! I wanna be There was a calming pause. Will then took a deep breath and released it slowly, muttering to himself Im thereIm there. Will slowly stopped shaking and his breathing ceased. Bobby grabbed Will and shook him hard. Wake up! Wake up Will, please wake up! But Wills body was limp and lifeless.

Will looked up to the sky and the stars again. No! he screamed. No! You bastards! Why did you have to take them? Why didnt you take me too? He threw himself at the fence, shaking it with anger, hands wrapped, white-knuckled around it. No! No! No! No! You bastards, you Nazi bastards! * * * * * * * * * * * * No! No, No, No! Mr Sandall? Mr Sandall? Wake up Mr Sandall your shaking. A voice said kindly, are you okay? Youre in the Hospital. Im afraid you fell out of a tree Mr Sandall.

I suggest next time you think about climbing things you remember how old you actually are! Youre a lucky man! Bob opened his eyes to an unknown lady staring down on him with a big smile. Im the nurse on this ward, my names Mandy. It took him a while to adjust his eyes to the light. He sat up holding his head as it ached slightly. My head.

Agh it hurts I suggest you rest easy sir, you took quite a knock! Ill let your family know you okay, theyll be in shortly Said the nurse as she left through a set of double doors. Emotions were still flowing through Bob. Tears were in his eyes and he was shaking. As he looked around, he saw people in beds asleep next to him and opposite. Slowly, he began to breathe easy again and wiped clean his tears, still quite shaky. After a while, he began to relax; overwhelmed at the realisation that it was all a dream.

Suddenly the double doors swung open and in entered his wife and Grandson who ran straight up to him and gave him an immediate hug. Are you okay now? Yes thanks, Im fine. How are you? Replied Bob He did brilliantly! Said his wife cutting in. Your Grandson saved the day! Oh really he said, helping Danny up on the bed. What did you do then champ? Danny looked away shyly.

Go on. Tell him, said his grandmother WellI was crying to start with when you wouldnt get up. Then I went and told a couple of boys that was playing near by who helped me by running home and telling Grandma. Then we called the ambulance! Danny dug deep into his pocket and pulled out a packet of marzipan. I got this or you to eat.

He handed him the packet. Agh, thank you. He pulled over Danny and gave him a big hug. I love you. Thankyou I love you too! Replied Danny. Bob looked up to his wife, Give us a hug then love, Im sorry to have to do this to you. Its okay, these things happen.

His wife replied smiling at him Who were the young boys who helped, local boys? I suppose. They said they knew you. Kept calling you Bobby. Actually, it was quite weird come to think of it now. They were also dressed in, weird, old fashioned clothes from like when we were kids. II cant seem to remember their names! THE END Bibliography 17, just started college.

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