A Lovers Quarrel

A Lover’s Quarrel A Lover’s Quarrel is a poem about two lovers who had a very special and unique bond. They would spend endless days together, happy and flirting completely in love.

It explains the details of their romance. They would embrace, and Browning spoke of how beautiful she was. Then, the poem turns for the worst and things went badly for the couple.A fight occurred and Browning missed her so. Three months before hand, all went wrong. The exact theme was the deterioration of a happy and perfect couple.

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How one could go from being joyous to being depressed and miserable. There was use of literary devices used in this poem. One of which was simile.”Paven smooth as a hermit’s cell;” This is a clear demonstration of how soft and caring his lover was. Metaphor was also used in the following quote: “Foul be the world or fair” is comparing the evil and hatred of the world to the same feeling which Browning possessed after he and his lover quarrelled. This links to Profyria’s Lover because both the two poems conclude in being without the other lover.

Though their love for one another was deep and profound, the endings were both not terminating in being happy together.