A Cry In The Night

A Cry In The Night A Cry in the Night 1. The title of my book is A Cry in the Night by Mary Higgins Clark. 2. The place settings of my book are Granite Place, Minnesota and New York City. The time setting is over a period of a year.

3. The main characters in A Cry in the Night are: Erich Krueger-Erich is a 34-year-old man that is a very good artist. Erich is a very rich man whos mother died when he was a little boy. Jenny- Jenny is one of the main characters in my book. Jenny looks just like Caroline who is Erichs mother.Jenny was married to Kevin, but is know married to Erich. Jenny has two girls named Beth and Tina. Jenny was very busy until she married Erich.

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Kevin-Kevin is Jennys ex-husband who was killed by Erich, but the town thought Jenny killed Kevin. Tina and Beth-Tina and Beth are Jennys daughters who are in a difficult situation. Their situation is Erich wants the girls to forget that Kevin was their father.Tina is 2-years-old and Beth is 3-years-old. Mark-Mark is Erichs best friend who helps Jenny through a very hard time. This time was when the town thought Jenny killed Kevin.

Emily-Emily is Erichs friend who is the main talker in the town. If anything went wrong Emily would be sure to tell everyone in the town. Rooney-Rooney is Jennys new best friend. Erich killed Rooneys daughter, but Erich told Rooney that some day her daughter will return.

Everyone in town thought Rooney should be put in a mental home except for her husband. Clyde-Clyde is Rooneys husband who comforts her whenever she needs it. Clyde is the main keeper of the Krueger Farm. Erich was very jealous of Clydes relationship with Jenny.

Erich thought Clyde and Jenny were more than just friends, but they werent.4. Main Conflicts Person vs. Person-is on of the main conflicts in my book. Person vs. Person is shown when Kevin and Erich got in a fight over Jenny. Person vs.

Nature-is another main conflict in my book. This is shown when Jenny is looking for Erichs cabin were he painted all of his pieces, but the paintings werent Erichs they were his mothers. Erich would erase his mothers name and write his on the painting.

On the way to Erichs cabin a blizzard is coming and the blizzard hits right when Jenny is leaving the cabin. The blizzard erases Jennys track so she cant find her way home.Person vs. Society-is a main conflict in my book.

This is described when Jenny first moved to Minnesota were Erich lives. The whole town wouldnt include Jenny in anything the town did as a group. The town would say bad things about Jenny.Person vs. Self-is the last main conflict in my book.

This conflict is shown when Erichs mom died and ever since then Erich would drag his mothers death with him. Erich would never stop thinking about the time when he pushed his mother into a water barrel and Erichs mother grabbed onto a light and died. Erich was the one who killed his mother on his birthday.5. Turning Point: The turning point in my book was when Jenny found Erichs cabin. In the cabin Jenny found a painting that Erich painted.

This painting had Jenny, Tina, Beth, Carolina, and Erich in it. Erich painted everyone, but they were either dead or evil looking.Jenny and Caroline were painted as one right in the center; they looked like they were dead. Tina and Beth were being strangled by their overalls and Erich was half-human half horse. 6.

Resolution The resolution of my book is when Jenny, Clyde, Rooney and the others from the town found out that Erich has been dressing up as Jenny. Erich did this so everyone would think that Jenny was doing bad things like kill Kevin. Erich would do this because he wanted the town not to include Jenny in anything.

The only reason Erich married Jenny was because she looked just like Caroline. The resolution was also when the town found out that Erich killed his own mother. Book Reports.