A Childs Bedroom

My design for a bedroom would be entertaining and offer an optimal
learning environment for a child. When you walk in, on the floor you will
see red carpet with ABCs and 123s in all different colors of the rainbow.

To your right hand side you see the reading area, which has a purple
beanbag, a lamp that is attached to a green bookshelf with many different
children’s books on it. To the right hand side of that, along the same
wall, is a desk for coloring it has crayons, coloring books, and activity
books for the children’s entertainment. Going toward the left hand side if
the room on the back wall is a day bed, with a green comforter and some
blue throw pillows. Painted on the wall behind the daybed is a big apple
tree that reaches the ceiling, giving the room an outdoors feeling. To the
left hand side of the day bed is a bright yellow dresser with the whole
Winnie the Pooh family on it; Pooh Bear, Tigger, Piglet, Eyor, Rabbit, and
Roo. Next to that is an entertainment center, which holds a TV, VCR, and
some children’s cartoon movies. As you can picture my room provides an
educational and entertaining environment.

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