A Book Review On The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

.. a special relationship. They could go on erotic rendezvous filled with games and adventures and yet they could make sweet love without saying a word and feel as if they are the last two people on earth. But with her, Tomas felt this certain emptiness within him unlike how he felt with Tereza. With Sabina, everything was there for the taking; nothing about her was a burden.

This made her very light. His life with her had no meaning and burden at all. Without that certain feeling of burden, Tomas felt he really didnt love Sabina. Sabina and Franz were lovers who did not understand each other. When they would sit down and talk about their own lives and share it with each other, he would listen eagerly to the story of her life and she would be equally eager to hear the story of his, but although they had a clear understanding of the logical meaning of the words they exchanged, they failed to hear the semantic susurrus of the river flowing through them. They say that it is possible for one to hear what you are saying without really listening to a word youre saying.

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When Tomas and Tereza moved to Zurich, Sabina decided to visit Tomas since she was just in Geneva where she had emigrated. Tomas couldnt resist visiting Sabina in her hotel room so he did. When they saw each other, they made love like they have never made love before. But right after, Tomas left and went back to his wife. Despite of all of Tomas infidelities, Tereza did everything she could to win Tomas and have him all to herself. Her unending patience made Tomas realize hw important Tereza is to him and so Tomas learned his lesson well and realized that the burden of having Tereza was indeed the one element that has been missing his life: love.

Conflict Man VS Man: Fidelity gave unity to lives that would otherwise splinter into thousands of split-second impressions. Betrayal means breaking ranks and going off into the unknown. Through this notion of fidelity and betrayal a conflict arises between Franz and Sabina. Franz wanted fidelity. Sabina loved Betrayal (her life was a succession of betrayals).

Franz loves music and considers it intoxicating while for Sabina music is noise. Lightness and Darkness: For Sabina, living meant seeing. Seeing is limited by strong light and total darkness. She hated both (both extremities). For Franz, lights means source of light itself like the light that comes from a light bulb or the sun. He loved lightness and darkness. To him, darkness was pure, perfect.

Franz would always close his eyes whenever he penetrated Sabina. This (to Franz) would indicate that he was taking pleasure in it. To Sabina, she felt a disagreement with what she saw; for her, Franz refused to see and appreciate her. Living in truth: For Sabina, living in truth was possible but only way from the public (once someone keeps an eye on you, nothing you do would seem truthful). Being around the public eye, for her meant living in lies.

For Franz, living in truth meant breaking down barriers between a public and private life where there are no secrets. Man VS Man: Another conflict arises between Tomas and Tereza because of Tomas infidelities. All throughout the story, Tereza struggles to win Tomas heart completely without having to share it with anyone else. Man VS Himself: In this story, Tomas struggles to overcome his fear and desire of women, which results this continuous infidelities. Man VS. Society: Here, conflict arises between Sabina and her protest against the scrutiny of the society around he.

She would rather live her life as privately as possible without being watched and judged by society. To her, a life out for the public to see is a life full of lies. She feels that nothing she does would seem truthful if she laid her life out for the public to see. Reaction The way the contrasting points of lightness and weight were shown in this bestseller is very intriguing. All throughout the story, weight is preferred over lightness.

Tomas, although he knew that Tereza was going to be a burden, still chose to take her in. Sabina, whose life was considered light, was only mentioned in a few chapters, which gives the reader the impression that her life didnt really make such a big effect on anybodys life. Ive always felt that a burden in life must be worked to ones advantage and strength and not to ones disadvantage and weakness. It is through these burdens that we learn to walk and become stronger. Without these, burdens, how else can we decide our faith and what path to choose? I would rather live a life that offers obstacles and burdens than live one that has no obstacle at all so I could find what my purpose in life is, Otherwise, for what purpose would my life serve? For me, the heaviest of burdens is not knowing what ones purpose in life is.

This burden alone will teach us to search fro that purpose. Through this search, we shall discover new things and new lessons and eventually find that purpose. In this search, things will not be easy for us. We will encounter other burdens wherein we shall encounter and fight our own demons in search of light and meaning. Bibliography Biography Milan Kundera The Franco-Czech novelist was born in Brno and has lived in France, his second homeland, for more than twenty years.

He is the author of the novels the Joke, Life is Elsewhere, Farewell Waltz, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and, Immortality, and the short story collection, Laughable Loves all originally in Czech. His most recent novel Slowness and Identity, as well as his nonfiction works, The Art of the Novel and Testaments Betrayed, were originally written in French. Book Reports.