#24 Dr. Martin Luther King

English 1st Period
January 17, 2000
“A doctrine of black supremacy is as evil as a doctrine of white
These are the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, a man who feared not
discrimination, rather fought it. This quote of his is unbiased because it
represents both black and white supremacy as evil.

There is also a broader perspective to this quote. Not only is
racism and supremacy evil, regardless of which race hates which race or
which race is supreme, but racial segregation and supremacy can be
substituted with any form of discrimination.

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Dr. Martin Luther King did not want the blacks to be supreme, rather
equality among ALL races. This belief was not only expressed by voice, but
by action. He had another belief that ties into this. It includes the
following: “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he
who helps to perpetuate it.” If he were to allow such racial segregation,
he would be as evil as to the one responsible for the segregation, based on
his belief. Therefore, he did his best to fight the discrimination faced
by many.