ie———README forMicrosoft Windows Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet Tools November 1999———————————————————– (c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1999This document provides complementary or late-breaking informa-tion to supplement the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Internet Explorer and Internet Tools documentation.

You can also see the Microsoft Web site for the latest information.If you’re looking for information about a specific program or component, try searching for it in the Microsoft Knowledge Base To view IE.txt on screen in Notepad, maximize the Notepad window.

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To print IE.txt, open it in Notepad or another word processor, and then use the Print command on the File menu.Disk-Space Requirements for Internet Explorer 5.01 InstallationInstalling Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4Installing Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet ToolsRunning Internet Explorer 5.01 on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0Installing Windows NT 4.

0 Service Packs Installing over Windows 2000 ReleasesRunning Internet Explorer 5.01 on a Dual-Boot Operating SystemInstalling or Upgrading the Windows Desktop UpdateInstalling over Localized Windows 98 Arabic and Hebrew ReleasesInstalling Outlook Express 5 on Windows Terminal ServerInstalling Internet Explorer 5.01 with Norton Protected Recycle Bin EnabledInstalling on Windows 98 with Novell IPX/IP clientUninstalling Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet ToolsUninstall for Internet Explorer 4.

x UnavailableTo run Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet Tools, your system must meet the following minimum requirements:- A 486 with a 66 MHz processor (Pentium processor recommended)- For Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98:You must be running Service Pack 3 (or higher)Required to run:27 MB after restartRequired to run:55 MB after restartRequired to run:80 MB after restart- CD-ROM drive (if installation is done from a CD-ROM)- Some components may require additional system resourcesDisk-Space Requirements for Internet Explorer 5.01 Installation—————————————————————Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet Tools Setup installs the majority of its files to the drive where the Windows operating system is installed, regardless of the installation location you chose. To free up space on your hard disk in order to meet the Internet Explorer 5.01 disk-space installation requirements, you must free up space on the drive where the Windows operating Installing Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4—————————————-After you install Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 but before you install Internet Explorer 5.

01, you may see a message recommend-ing that you install one or both of the following Service Packs – Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1- Microsoft Data Access Components 2.0 Service Pack 1Internet Explorer 5.01 resolves the Year 2000 issues addressed in Installing Internet Explorer 5.

01 and Internet Tools—————————————————-Whether you choose to install over the network or download the installation files to your hard disk, some or all of the Setup files are copied to your hard disk. This allows you to reinstall more quickly if necessary. If you want to reclaim the disk space, you can remove the Setup directory by double-clicking the Add/Remove Programs icon in Control Panel and then clicking Internet Explorer 5.

01. In the Microsoft Internet Explorer Setup dialog box, click the Advanced button, and then click “Remove the folder containing Internet Explorer setup files.”You cannot install Internet Explorer 5.01 to or run it from a network drive. However, you can download it to a network drive. To do this, you must map the network drive to a drive letter on your computer.

You cannot download Internet Explorer 5.01 to a Running Internet Explorer 5.01 on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0———————————————————-NOTE: You must have administrative privileges to install and uninstall this program on Windows NT. This includes having administrative privileges the first time you start your computer after installing or uninstalling.You must restart your computer after installing Internet Explorer 5.

01. This is also true for some add-on components.For corporate deployment on computers running Windows NT 4.0, make sure you have the following free registry space:- If you are upgrading from Internet Explorer 2.0 or Internet Explorer 3.

x: at least 4 MB- If you are upgrading from Internet Explorer 4.x:If you’re running Internet Explorer 5.01 on Windows NT 4.0, you must set user permissions to Full Control for the Temporary Internet Files folder (cache). The user must have write permission so that files can be stored in the Temporary If you must reinstall Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) after you install Internet Explorer 5.01, you must specify when prompted that you do not want it to overwrite any files that are newer.

After SP3 is reinstalled, carry out the following steps to update the registry:1. Click the Start button, and then click Run.2.

Type the following: regsvr32 rsabase.dllInstalling Windows NT 4.0 Service Packs —————————————If you reinstall a Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack after Internet Explorer 5.01 is installed on your computer, some components will need to be re-registered.

To do this, carry out the 1. In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.3. Click Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet Tools, and then click the Add/Remove button.4. Click Repair Internet Explorer, and then click OK.

5. After the repair operation is complete, restart your computer.Installing Over Windows 2000 Releases————————————-This is not a supported configuration.

Setup will appear to run, but it will update the name of the browser without updating the components. You cannot do a full installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 components over Windows 2000 releases. Running Internet Explorer 5.

01 on a Dual-Boot Operating System————————————————————–If you are running Internet Explorer 5.01 on a computer that isset up to dual boot between two operating systems on the same partition (for example, Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0), and you have configured the computer to share a single Program Files folder, you may have problems with add-on components. Also, when you uninstall an add-on component from either copy of Internet Explorer 5.01, it will be removed from both of them without updating the other operating system’s installed components information. These problems are because the add-on files are all stored in the shared Program Files folder, but information about installed add-on components is stored elsewhere.Installing or Upgrading the Windows Desktop Update————————————————–To install or upgrade the Windows Desktop Update, you must install Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 before you install If you have already installed Internet Explorer 5.

01 and would like to install the Windows Desktop Update, carry out the 1. Uninstall Internet Explorer 5.01.2. If Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 is not already installed on 3.

Install the Windows Desktop Update.4. Reinstall Internet Explorer 5.01.Installing Over Localized Windows 98 Arabic and Hebrew Releases—————————————————————Windows 98 Arabic and Hebrew require the corresponding localized version of Internet Explorer 5.01. It is not possible to install the English version of Internet Explorer over the localized version of Windows 98.

This restriction does not apply to localized versions of Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0. You cannot install localized Arabic/Hebrew Internet Explorer 5.01 on top of localized Windows 95 (only English is supported). Installing Outlook Express 5 on Windows Terminal Server——————————————————-Before installing Outlook Express 5 on Windows Terminal Server, the administrator needs to set a compatibility flag in the registry for the Outlook Express 5 setup program to work correctly. To do this, carry out the following steps: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion Terminal ServerCompatibilityApplicationssetup502. Set the following value under the new setup50 key (this value with Norton Protected Recycle Bin Enabled—————————————–It is recommended that you disable the Norton Protected Recycle Bin while you install Internet Explorer 5.

01, and that you empty the Norton Protected Recycle Bin before you run Setup. Before you empty the Norton Protected Recycle Bin, be sure you review its contents in case it contains any items you want to recover safely. You can re-enable this feature after Internet Explorer 5 Setup is complete.

This is recommended because Norton Protected Recycle Bin will intercept the removal of temporary files that Setup is trying to delete, and you could run out of free space on your hard disk if your remaining free space is limited. This would cause Internet Explorer Setup to appear locked. For instructions on disabling and re-enabling the Norton Protected Recycle Bin, see the Norton Utilities documentation.Installing on Windows 98 with Novell IPX/IP client————————————————–If you are using Novell IPX/IP client with Windows 98, you may experience problems if you install Internet Explorer 5.01 from the Internet. If Setup appears to become unresponsive, restart your computer. Setup will continue and finish normally.

To work around this problem, try one of the following options:- From the Internet, select the Download Only option, and then run and install Internet Explorer 5.01 normally.- Install Internet Explorer 5.01 from a CD-ROM.Uninstalling Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet Tools——————————————————You can uninstall Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet Tools by 1.

In Control Panel, double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.2. Click Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet Tools, 3. Select “Restore the previous Windows configuration,” then 4. Follow the instructions on your screen.Uninstall for Internet Explorer 4.x Unavailable———————————————–Uninstall for Internet Explorer 4.

x is unavailable when Internet Explorer 5.01 is installed. The backup files for uninstalling Version 4.x are replaced by the backup files for version 5. You cannot uninstall version 4.

X after uninstalling version 5.If you do not have an active connection to the Internet and the Never Dial A Connection option is selected, when you start Internet Explorer you may see the following error message: “Web page not available when offline.” You will be prompted to To be prompted to dial a connection:1.

On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.3. Click one of the following options: Dial Whenever A Network Connection Is Not Present Always Dial My Default ConnectionFTP User Interface and Functionality————————————Internet Explorer 5.01 has an improved FTP user interface when direct access to an FTP server is available. If you discover an issue in the FTP user interface that blocks FTP functionality, you can disable this feature on the Advanced tab in the Internet Options dialog box.The following functionality is not supported:- Internet connection via CERN proxy or Web proxies.- Connecting to VAX or VMS FTP servers.

– Using the browser from within a separate application or – Drag and drop or copy/paste functionality from an FTP server is supported only on Windows 2000 and later.If you run a non-Far East language version of Windows NT 4.0 and you have installed many large fonts, the system’s ability to use those fonts may be exceeded. If Far East language Web pages are not displayed correctly, install Windows NT 4.0 Service Non-English Characters in URLs and Queries——————————————Internet Explorer 5.01 uses a new standard to transmit non-English addresses (URLs) to the server. URLs are now encoded in a character encoding standard named UTF-8.

If the server is running Microsoft Internet Information Server 4 or later, the URLs will work as expected. Many servers cannot process URLs encoded in UTF-8. To use non-English characters in URLs with these servers, carry out the following steps:1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.3.

Clear the Always Send URLs As UTF-8 check box.The query part of URLs is transmitted in a form fully compatible Internet Explorer 4.x Compatibility Mode—————————————-The Internet Explorer 4.x compatibility option is useful to Web developers who want to view and test their Web sites on different versions of Internet Explorer using the same computer. You may not be able to change all settings for the browser while in this mode. When using the compatibility option, you should change Internet Options through Control Panel, not through the browser’s Internet Options on the Tools menu.If you uninstall Outlook Express 5 and you were previously running Internet Mail and News, you would be able to see only the messages you received using Internet Mail and News. To view Outlook Express 5 messages, reinstall Outlook Express 5.

If you uninstall Outlook Express 5 and you were previously running Outlook Express 4, you can view your Outlook Express 5 messages by using the Import feature. To import your Outlook Express messages to Outlook Express 4, carry out the following 1. On the File menu, click Import, and then click Messages.2.

On the list of programs, click Microsoft Outlook Express 5.3. Follow the instructions on your screen.Internet Explorer 5.01 includes a Windows Radio toolbar that allows streaming radio playback. By default, the toolbar is not displayed when the browser is started. To display the toolbar whenever the browser is started, carry out the 1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

3. In the Multimedia area, click the Always Show Internet Explorer Radio Bar check box.Changing the Language of Menus and Dialog Boxes———————————————–Changing the language used in menus and dialog boxes may not work with all display adapters. If you see blank menus or dialog boxes after changing the language, try either of the – Change the resolution of your display adapter.- Upgrade the driver for your display adapter to a newer version. For information about updated drivers, contact the manufacturer of your display adapter.If you do not want AutoComplete to suggest matches for certain sensitive previously entered items, you have several – You can delete a specific AutoComplete entry by highlighting it in the AutoComplete drop-down list and then pressing DELETE.- If you want to delete a user name/password combination on a login page, delete the user name; the password will be deleted – If you want to clear all form or password information, carry 1.

On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click 2. Click AutoComplete, and then click Clear Forms or You can no longer install Microsoft Chat 2.5 from the Internet Explorer 5.01 installation. If you previously installed Microsoft Chat 2.5 and then you upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.

01, you will be able to continue to use your existing Microsoft Chat 2.5 client for a limited time on the Microsoft Chat servers. If you do not have a Chat client already installed and you would like to install one, or if you already have a version of Microsoft Chat installed, consider installing the new MSN Chat from Microsoft Wallet is no longer available for installation in Internet Explorer 5.01. If you have previously installed Microsoft Wallet and then you upgrade to Internet Explorer 5, you can continue to manage your wallet information from Web sites that invoke Wallet’s interface, such as http://www.

microsoft.com/wallet/downloads/manage.asp)Internet Explorer 5.01 now ships with standard encryption strength of 56-bit and supports the U.

S. government standard for data encryption (DES). Moreover, the cryptographic modules in Internet Explorer 5.01 have been certified to be compliant with the Federal Information Standard (FIPS) 140-1. FIPS 140-1 is a U.

S. government standard that specifies best practices for implementing cryptographic software.There are some known issues when you have Microsoft Visual Studio(R) 6.0 and Internet Explorer 5.01 installed on the same computer. These issues are resolved with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 SP3.

If you are running Visual Studio 6.0, it is recommended that you upgrade to SP3 at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/sp/vs6sp3/.After you install Internet Explorer 5.01 on a computer running DirecPC 2.0, you may receive an error message when starting the DirecPC software.

To correct this problem, contact Hughes Network Systems to obtain an updated version of the DirecPC If you use BackOffice Small Business Server, you must upgrade to Small Business Server 4.5 before installing Internet Explorer 5.01. Without the upgrade, the SBS management console will flicker with each screen transition. Increasing the number of colors helps the problem but does not resolve it.

Certain versions of the Key Commander software that ship with the Logitech Internet Keyboard are not compatible with Internet Explorer 5.01. For more information, contact Logitech Customer Support or see the Logitech Web site atIf you are running Internet Explorer 5.01, then you install some Diamond video drivers (downloaded from the Diamond Web site or from CDs that come with Diamond video cards), you may not be able to restart your computer.This is because the Diamond video driver installation replaces the Windows system file Comctl32.dll. Diamond is aware of this problem and is fixing their video driver installers.

There are two options for addressing this issue:1. Make a backup copy of the file Comctl32.dll found in the WindowsSystem or WinntSystem32 folder (the system folder).2. Install the Diamond video drivers.

3. Restart your computer by using a bootable floppy disk.4. After the restart is complete, copy the backup version of Comctl32.

dll to the system folder, overwriting the existing 5. Remove the disk from the floppy disk drive, and then restart If you have already installed these drivers:1. Restart your computer by using a bootable floppy disk.2. At the MS-DOS prompt, change directories to the folder containing the Internet Explorer 5.

01 files. If these files were downloaded, the default location is C:Windows Update Setup Files; or, on the CD-ROM, choose the IE5 folder under 3. Extract the Comctl32.dll file by using the following command extract /e /l c:temp setupw95.

cab comctl32.dll extract /e /l c:temp setupnt.cab comctl32.

dll4. Copy the extracted Comctl32.dll file from the C:Temp folder into the WindowsSystem or WinntSystem32 folder (the system folder), overwriting the existing version of the file.5.

Remove the disk from the floppy disk drive, and then restart Internet Explorer ActiveX Tree and Pop-up Menu Controls——————————————————-During the installation of Internet Explorer 5.01, the Setup program removes earlier versions of the ActiveX tree control and pop-up menu controls due to compatibility issues with this version of the browser. Programs that rely on these controls may require reinstallation of the controls to restore functionality.Windows NT 4.0 included an old version of the Schedule service, also known as At service (Atsvc.

exe). Internet Explorer 5.01 upgrades it to the new version of the Schedule service, Task Scheduler (MSTask.exe) and converts At jobs to Scheduled Tasks.With the old At service, all At jobs had to run in the same account as the service itself. The default account for the service was the Local System account, but it could be changed to another user account if desired.

Some Windows NT 4.0 users changed the At service’s account because they needed their With the Task Scheduler, each scheduled task can be configured to run in a different account. The Task Scheduler service itself has to run in the Local System account.

For backward compatibility, the Task Scheduler allows the user to set one account to use when running scheduled tasks that were created from At jobs. When Internet Explorer 5.01 is installed, this account is set to the Local System account. If you are running Windows NT 4.

0 and you changed the account that the At service ran in to something other than the Local System account, then after installing Internet Explorer 5.0 you would need to manually re-enter the user name and password for that account. To do this, in the Scheduled Tasks folder, click the Advanced menu, and then click AT Service Account. This must be done manually because Internet Explorer 5 Setup cannot decrypt the password that was used by the At service.For more information about At service compatibility, see online Bibliography: